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The Crooked Path to Transformation

It has been a winding, crooked path to meet my goals for weight loss. As many of you who have been following this blog know, losing weight was one of my New Years Resolutions. I have much to be proud of. I have stayed on that path without deviating even once since taking on this challenge in January. My body, however, has different ideas. Those of you on this journey with me know all too well, the body will drop its weight in chunks, then hold off, sometimes for weeks until it stabilizes before it will drop any more. This happens though I consistently eat the same way.

Looking at this photograph of the pathway, it is easy to engage in the notion of journey. Yes, you can get to that destination promised in the picture but there is much to enjoy along the way to getting there. I have reached a major milestone. I am at the 30 pound mark, which means I am 1/3 of the way to meeting my goal. I get frustrated when I reach plateaus, such as where I am right now. Since my body is meandering, taking its sweet time to get where I want it to be, I have no choice except to meander with it, down the crooked path, enjoying the scenery along the way.

A very positive thing I did this week was to go shopping for my spring wardrobe. Let's face it, no one loves those three way mirrors and fluorescent lights in the dressing rooms. The whole situation seems to shine down, highlighting every imperfection. I have posted previously about mirrors and body image. I will even be doing workshops on the topic next year. Right now, I am still reconciling with the image in the mirror. During my transformation, it is an ever changing one.

Whereas before I didn't even think I could walk into a regular store and buy off the rack, unless they had plus sizes, this time I was free to look wherever I pleased and always found things in my new size that were appealing.

In one way, you could say, at 1/3 of my goal means I have 2/3's to go, which is quite a long way. In my mind's eye I am saying wow, you reached a major milestone. It's okay that your body wants to linger here for a bit. Relax and enjoy the journey!


  1. Yes, in Weight Watchers we called that a plateau. That was the toughest part of weight loss--still is! If you're eating poorly and gain weight, it's bad, but if you're doing everything right and the weight stays the same or increases, it's SO frustrating!

    1. Stephanie yes it is frustrating but seems inevitable. Your body can only do so much at once. It's actually a beautiful process when I don't get angry about it.

  2. Hi Stephanie, for what it's worth, maybe rather think in terms of 'gaining lightness' instead of 'losing' - it's a nuance that takes away the 'losing' part.
    Good luck with achieving your goal as you become lighter! It's a journey!
    Garden of Eden Blog

    1. Susan thank you! I like your way of framing it as gaining lightness. Most of us don't really like to lose anything that has been an important part of our being.

  3. and maybe that captcha could go? You would probably receive more comments if he captcha was not there -

    1. Susan, was not aware of that. I'll look into it when I get a moment.

  4. Congratulations on your first third :-) To share this experience is so open and honest and sets such a positive example because it is the entire process filled with good moments and sad/disappointed moments that really make the journey memorable. I really don't have full length mirrors around my house at all and the emotional upheaval I tend to go through when I have tried to shop for clothes and look at "the whole package" in the dressing room keeps me away from buying myself new stuff. I know that jeans and pajama pants can't be my entire wardrobe :-) but that dressing room does some bad stuff to my normally pleasant disposition. Thanks for this honesty!

    1. Conlee thanks so much! I really appreciate your support and your candor as well. Dressing room mirrors are truly dreadful!

  5. I love your crooked path image. I have always been drawn to images of pathways and doorways.

    Good luck with reaching the rest of your goal.


    1. Thanks Yvonne! I appreciate your support in my journey.

  6. Oh I so hate those dressing room mirrors too! Keep seem to be doing a good job with your weight loss.And you're right it's the journey or rather the healthy lifestyle for doing the needful that matters.
    I'm battling the same kind of issues but in a different way.It took me a book to really transform the way I used to look at weight issues.I recently blogged about it....has some helpful tips from the book that I'm talking of.If you're keen you could check it on this link:

    1. Vinodini, yes I read that post on your blog. It really resonated with me. Glad to share this process with you. My book on this topic comes out in December. Writing and blogging about these issues is tremendously helpful, I agree!

  7. Good for you for sticking with the challenge! A third of the way to your goal is a great milestone to celebrate! Let your body take its time. It knows what it's doing. :)

    Keep it up, Stephanie! I know you'll reach your goal. You're all ready doing a great job! :)

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence Chrys! I'm feeling pretty good this week.


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