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Publishing My Debut Novel

After careful thought and a lot of deliberation, as well as conversation here in this blog space, I have decided to seek crowdfunding to publish my debut novel, "No Barren Life." As you know, it has had a difficult path to publication, as it is not an easy book to read. With an experimental style, it is a book that tackles head on, troubling topics such as child sexual, emotional and physical abuse. These are tough topics for anyone to face but they are also all too real.

The book isn't a downer though--far from it. Yolanda the main character, is gifted magically and assisted by an array of characters equally gifted, and able to traverse different worlds to change her troubling situation. These characters include her tree whispering and Hoodoo practicing Grandfather, her babalayo of Santeria Uncle, and a group of powerful women who are also Aboriginal healers that she meets in Australia. Ultimately this is a coming of age story about self-determination and transformation--in that way it is powerfully uplifting. The genre for the book is Young Adult Speculative Fiction.

Your support will go towards professional editing, marketing & publicity, a book launch and book tour. Rewards are offered for donors at various levels of giving starting at $5, around the price for a cup of latte.

I am so excited to have embarked on a proactive way of having "No Barren Life" in your hands in a matter of months. Thanks in advance for supporting my work, whether it is through simply coming here for a spell or by your support for my novel through Pubslush or at booksellers. Here is a link to the book's new page over at the crowdfunding site Pubslush: No Barren Life


  1. Best of luck! Keep us posted. My husband's ex-father-in-law teaches a workshop called "Create a Book in a Weekend" where he teaches people how to get a book self-published if you decide to go that route. Here's the link to his book on the topic:

    1. Thanks so much Stephanie! I will be sure to check it out. Wow! We have the same name and several writers in both of our families as well. I am considering something new considered to be semi-self-publishing. I will have support from a very small press but will need to fund my own editing, design and publicity. I will definitely keep you in the loop on my progress. I am pretty excited. This is something new to me.

  2. I love the description you give of your novel! And although those topics are troubling, they are very much part of life and can't be escaped. I know many agents/editors/publishers/readers shy away from stories with these topics, but I personally don't believe writers should shy away from writing them into our stories, because they are all too real, like you said.

    One of my main characters is raped. I was nervous to write the actual scene at first and even tried to find another plot route to go because I was afraid of what readers would think, but my character and my story demanded it. So I wrote and I don't regret it.

    I wish I could help with your funding, but as you know I'm having financial problems. I think what your doing is great though and I wish you the best of luck. If I can help in any other way, please let me know. :)

    1. Chrys, thanks for the support and for sharing your work in this area. Agents and publishers certainly do shy away from publishing work like this but I'm sure the work will see the light anyway! I can just imagine how difficult it was to write your character's rape scene. I dread that sort of writing and murders as well. Every day you post on your blog is a help to me on my journey and as always, I appreciate your support of my work!


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