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Tears from the Heavens

Like most of you, I've been pinning away for spring. I've posted about it several times, wondering where it was and when would it arrive. Yesterday, it was the warmest day we've had this year. It was a balmy and humid 91 degrees. It takes the body, mind and spirit time to adjust to such drastic changes. The day before that I was wearing a sweater and wrapped in a blanket.

This morning when I went outside there was evidence it had rained overnight and it felt chillier but okay, considering the harsh winter that we'd just mustered through. Then on my way home from dropping my son off at school it started pouring. Traffic crawled. My morning that had started so promising, on the wings of yesterday, had suddenly taken a turn for the worse.

We talk about the weather so much because it is our common experience as humans. It is what makes up much of our outdoor environment and yes, it does color our mood.

In film and sometimes in books as well, when it rains or pours, I call it tears from the heavens. Typically, the story is taking a turn for the worse, something either poignant or sad is happening to one of the main characters.

As a child, most of the time, at least when it wasn't a thunder storm, rain held promise for fun. I loved making mud cakes in the yard after a good rain. The fish in the lake became more active and easier to see. I also loved playing in mud puddles.

Transitions have been a theme on this blog. I am going to use that energy that is quickly turning south, under grey skies and gloomy conditions, to focus in on having some fun. Shifting your perspective, welcoming, embracing and even celebrating changes, weather or otherwise, can't help but to be uplifting.


  1. Rain does set a certain tone, especially in fiction. It's a way to add drama to a scene or isolate the characters. I think in real life it's also made us feel that way in our own we're in our own little worlds!

    1. I never thought about the isolation it instills but I now see what you mean. Thankfully my day is clearing up here in Chicago.

  2. 'Tears from the Heavens' -- this is such a beautiful expression.

    And, yes, we can choose how we see our circumstances.

    1. Absolutely Romi! Thanks for the compliment as well about my post title!

  3. I like summer thunderstorms, but since I moved to an area where tornadoes are a possibility they have made me more nervous than excited. Sadly, because I miss being excited.

    1. Yes, where I grew up we had terrible summer and spring thunderstorms. They scared the wits out of me! We have tornadoes here in Illinois too; when they sweep into town it is truly frightening.

  4. I love the photos on your blog! Where do you find them?


  5. Yvonne, thank you! They are from a wide variety of sources. Because I am a visual artist, art and images are very important to me and a lot of time and energy goes into matching them up to each post. I find them all across the internet and a lot of them are images of my art as well. Some come from Google Images, copyright free aggregate websites and art museum catalogs.

  6. I was just about to comment on your photos and then read Yvonne's post and your answer Stephanie - they really are lovely - I love the hands in the rain … great image. And a lovely blog and thank you so much for visiting :)
    Fil's Place - Old Songs and Memories

    1. Thanks so much Fil! I enjoyed visiting your blog as well and love all your photos too!

  7. Ah, mud pies! That takes me back... I love a good thunderstorm too... Especially with lightening. Very exciting!

    1. You've got that right--except the other night, when it was downright scary, driving down the highway and the sky went black at 6 pm--yikes!


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