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Autumn Equinox Gardening Reflection Part 2

Poof! We planted, and the little seedlings took. They fluttered in the wind, and were visited by bees and butterflies. The seedlings and plants seemed to enjoy the composted earth and worms, by all indications. As you can see, the garden took. It flourished and filled in. With a few hiccups along the way, finally, as you can see from the lower images, we have wonderful vegetables and herbs that are also useful for magickal herbalism and Hoodoo. My little herb garden, (not pictured here) is in fact, packed with goodies, including soapwort, patchouli, basil, horehound, lemon verbena, lemon balm and more. I will be sharing some pictures and ways of using these wonderful herbs magickally, or other ways, shortly. This post will be continued. Next time, I'll be sharing the process of making a magickal spiritual-cleansing broom or two, from the broom corn shown above (which is much taller now). After t

Autumn Equinox Gardening Reflection Part 1

I've been waiting for this post for a long time. It shares the growing journey of my urban garden. Hubby and I in Grant Park, early Spring. We've got the idea... This compost has been in development, maturing behind our home, for many, many years. We needed to pick out loads of refuse, stones and so forth before getting started. This is a close-up of the compost, still laden with leaves and twigs before being broken down, as well as rocks, and other things we didn't want to be a part of the planting. Lots of juicy worms were in here, to stay! Late Spring Broom Corn, because you know you always need a nice handmade broom around, as well as other seedlings, waiting to get planted.  Gorgeous David Austin, Olivia Rose. This rose was selected for its name, in relation to my daughter, as much as for its beautiful scent and form. Sumi-e ink on Mulberry Rice Paper Painting by Stephanie Rose Bird c. 2017. Feeling inspired by all the planting!