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My What and Why of the A to Z Challenge

2016 A through Z Blogger’s Challenge What is the A to Z Challenge? Thousands of bloggers from various walks of life with multiple areas of interest, come together during the month of April and challenge themselves to blog. The blogging is done 6 days a week on various topics. The unifying theme is that the posts must all be on the same alphabetic letter, going from the letter “A” on April 1 st and ending with “Z” on April 30 th . Bloggers are challenged to not only post, but to read the posts of others, and leave comments. This challenge started around 2010, and is the brainchild of Arlee Bird, author of the Tossing it Out blog. You can learn more by checking out Arlee’s blog. Thanks to the organizers, also called ninja minions, because without their help, who knows what would happen. You can find their names and websites/blogs, along with a more official description of the  A to Z Challenge  here. About my 2016 Challenge Theme: Creative Block Hacks One of the

2016 A through Z Blogger's Challenge Theme Reveal

2016 A through Z Blogger’s Challenge Daily Creativity Hacks "Orchid 6B" sumi-ink on printmaking paper. c. Stephanie Rose Bird, 2015 One of the toughest issues facing creative people of all strips, is creative blocks. The theme of my 2016 A through Z Blogger’s Challenge is Daily Creativity Hacks, inspirational ideas to play with, to get you through those dull spots that stand in the way between you and creative flow. These days the words hack and hacks are used in many different ways. I'm using hacks to mean a clever solution to a tricky problem. Think of hacks as quick fixes, remedies, rituals or exercises.  Are you struggling with creative blocks? During April you’ll find an A to Z blog post offering mind-expanding ideas and new ways of thinking of old ones, all designed to enhance your creative outlook.  Tune in, all during April. I will be blogging 6 days a week, taking Sunday’s off as a breather. I’ll be visiting as many blogs, by fellow bl

Artist as Designer

It is so hard to make it financially as an artist. That has been my grumble, if not mantra for years and years. I'm always up for trying new ways to make something happen that will help at least buy art supplies and pay for framing and shipping of my work, if not bring greater visibility in the sea of artists. So, something really cool happened yesterday. I've been pitching art to licensing reps to put on different types of products. Yesterday, I heard from the company that was at the top of my list! It's called Vida. Typically when I try such ventures, sadly, I don't hear back from anyone at all, or if I do it's someone from the bottom of my list, but not so yesterday. Though my greeting card company is called Love Bird Designs, I've never seen myself as someone that is a designer but on this site that is what the artists are considered. I spent all day composing this page. Check out the spring/summer collection  I put together. Meanwhile, here are some s