Monday, March 3, 2014

Transitioning, Shapeshifting and Metamorphosis

A major running theme in my posts has been transition recently. I was delighted to find that our topic for the month over at Creative Every Day is Transitions. Creative Every Day is a year long challenge, to do as the title says--create daily. Creativity is given a wide birth--it can be writing, visual art, cooking, crafts--whatever it is you consider creative. I have found much food for the soul through that challenge over the years I have participated. I greatly appreciate the people that come forward to comment on my blog from that website. We support one another in whatever way works best for us, often that includes commenting on each other's blogs and even joining them as followers.

Transition can seem beautiful and often it is in the end. However, getting to the new state, going through metamorphosis and change, can be ugly and painful. As many of you know, I have been transitioning from working full time for others to working for myself as a freelance writer and author. That transition alone has been exhilarating at one turn and infuriating the next. Finding gigs, submitting to publishers and agents--all of it has incredibly high ups and then too there are rejections that can bring you down. Slowly but surely, I am beginning to feel this particular transition is paying off in a positive way.

Then too, there is the weight loss journey. With weight loss there is so much of the good, bad and ugly. It is great to feel lighter. It can be bad that your clothing bags off your body and sometimes you can get stressed out and do not feel quite right within your self. I am going through all of those stages of transition right now. Acceptance, patience, grounding and centering seem to be the most effective practices while going through this particular transition.

All of this brings to mind Shamanism. Shamanism involves shapeshifting from one type of sentient being to another.You also go into different worlds that require you to adapt to survive. Shapeshifting takes you through the full spectrum of transition and change, being that is can get painful and downright ugly during the process. Ultimately it leads to an intriguing shift that many find to be beautiful and energizing.


  1. Beautiful and inspiring post. Thank you for sharing your kind and supportive thoughts.

  2. Aga, you are so welcome! By the way, I see we are both in Creative Everyday. Wonderful challenge! I went to your blog and loved what I read and saw. Your art is beautiful and I enjoy the expressions you share through blogging.


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