Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ollie Opu and Bast

About five months ago we rescued a cat from a shelter. It was interesting because we went to get a kitten. We thought a kitten would work best in our home, with our small dog and birds. I was holding the kitten we chose only to be sidetracked by a very still cat that was about 5 months old, sitting a midst an amazing frenzy of kitty activity. There were cats pooping, leaping about and wrestling each other in a makeshift tent, and then this solitary cat just sitting there looking very regal. The cat reminded me of the modern Egyptian cats and he ended up being the one to come home with us.

Right away he took to me. He had an amazing demeanor for a 5 month old. He liked getting right on my chest and then would then extend his arms upwards towards my neck and caress my face before falling asleep. This cat, who we call Ollie Opu has a majestic spirit. As I said he is regal, self-possessed and very calm. Doglike, he greets you at the door when you come home. He also runs and plays with the small dog throughout the house. Then when he’s tired he enjoys sleeping atop the bird’s cage.
He seems protective. All of the attributes and attitudes of Ollie Opu brings to mind the Egyptian Goddess Bast. Bast is a loving protectress, goddess of healing and health but she can also be ferocious in her desire to protect her charge.

I believe our Ollie Opu came to my family for a specific reason. He is of a very ancient spirit; this isn’t his first time around, you can just feel it. I enjoy carefully observing this creature that has come in to visit with us for a while, from the Goddess only knows where. I look forward to sharing and learning from this noble and adventurous being, we are currently calling our cat.

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