Saturday, March 1, 2014

Seeding the Snow

Thank the Goddess! March has arrived. Only, here in Chicago, we are expecting quite a lot of snow--again. A while back I wrote for a journal called "Seeding the Snow." It's such a delightful concept that I had to title this post after it.

With March, we are asked to think about renewal, growth and change. We can even go so far in our notion of transformation as to consider rebirth. Mother Earth will be coming into full bloom in no time at all. If we follow her rhythms closely, by taking her lead, this coming month offers us some very special gifts.

March is about planning ahead for a harvest to come, sometime in the future. It is the time of the dreamer. We can also use divination and oracular skills to project out, gaining glimpses of where these seeds will best take root. We get to plant our dreams, and as it warms up, there is the opportunity to cultivate, till and weed them, until they are just right.

But in many of our areas, we will need to do our seeding in the snow.

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