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Mixing Things Up

M is for mixing it up

Being very linear, with everything planned out neatly, has it place. It is reassuring and can keep your energy flowing from a place of security. I like sketching and outlining but have also enjoyed mixing things up a bit. 

Mixing media as an artist is a sure-fire way to break up monotony. Further, it is a challenging discipline that pushes boundaries preset by other well-defined disciplines. Mixed Media can lead you into unknown territory, ripe and ready to be mined for new material. 

The Dancers, Mixed Media Book Art with Found Objects, Collage and Stitching, by Stephanie Rose Bird

As a writer, I’ve found that adding poetry, letters, book passages, quotes, songs or recipes into my stories is another fun way of mixing things up, in a productive and fun way.

"The Dancers," Mixed Media Book Art, with Collage, by Stephanie Rose Bird

My theme for the A to Z Challenge is Creative Hacks to Break Creative Blocks. I’ve listed a few ways I mix things up to muster through the tough spots that would otherwise leave me mired in inertia. How about you? Have you changed directions, adding in new media to your art or mixed genres in your writing? I’d love to hear how you mix things up and feel free to leave links to your work.


  1. Hi Stephanie ... interesting I went out to a National Trust place on the Crumbling Chalk Cliffs that I write about quite often and did in my Aspects of British Coasts .. for C (funnily enough!) ... and there was a small exhibition of some mixed media art works ... I must post them up ...

    I'm quite sure you are challenged creating these works - the only mixing I do is with my blog and various articles I write elsewhere - except I tend to be more stereotyped for that audience and talks I give ...

    I'm learning ... !

    Cheers Hilary

    1. I can't wait to see your post of the mixed media art works! Mixed media is quite experimental and fine. It's easier than one might think.

  2. Mixed indeed...
    Mixing is good. It makes things look more interesting, stories more exciting to read and life an adventure. Happy Mixing!


    1. Thanks ClaoWue! I enjoyed visiting your blog and learning of your travels. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. A fellow A to Zer stopping by. I love mixed media art, it always "looks so easy". I wish I had the link between hand and eye and heart to create my own. I'll just have to be happy looking at art!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Tracey. Having fun yet? We're almost there. Art appreciation is always appreciated!

  4. Generally, the only way I mix things up is to change up projects when one gets stale. Not really mixing it up, that...

    Liz A. from
    Laws of Gravity

  5. Liz A., well we all can only do what we can do. Change is always good!

  6. So far I have one book self published. I added a few things in my book about real life that no one even knows. I guess you could call that mixing things up?
    You are so artistic in many ways. I found you by you posting on my blog. Thank you for doing that. Now I can keep track of yours. There are so many on the list that I will probably never see.

    1. Your post about your Mom is very moving. I'll also be back to check out your other posts. Thanks for stopping in.


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