Wednesday, April 6, 2016

E is for Enchanté

E is for enchanté
Pronunciation: [a(n) sha(n) tay]





I am very interested in fairy-tales and within them there are many an enchanted forest.

In my spiritual practice enchantments are also an important part of making things happen and it is a way of seeing the world—magically.

Okay, so, I also just like French as a language and using it whenever I can. 

Enchanté is a beautiful greeting, in my book. It’s not just “nice to meet you” or happy to meet you” but “enchanted/delighted to meet you.” This is a very elevated way of receiving new people, and it suggests an openness to new encounters. Being enchanted is a magical way of looking at the world, with delight, and wonder, and it indicates you are open to finding pleasure in the smallest of things.

Now, about my A to Z Challenge topic. Are you wondering why would enchantments and being enchanted break creative blocks and usher creativity into your life? The answer is simple, being enchanted or using the word enchanté allows you to open up and see the world, and your place within it, in a fresh new way.

Simple Enchantment Affirmation Exercises

1.       Re-visioning water: When I wash shower I am putting myself in touch with one of the most important substances derived from Mother Earth. I am fortunate to have water as a part of my life, and water is fascinating! Its warmth loosens my muscles and mind. Afterward showering, my mind, body and spirit and are loosened up. Now, I am ready to work.

Light-Hearted c. 2016, Stephanie Rose Bird

2.       Hold a stone in one hand and a feather in the other. Let the stone represent weighed down feelings. Look at the stone. See how compact the stone appears. It doesn’t reach out. It is contained within its self. Feel its weight. The stone is heavy compared to the other object you hold. Now turn to the lightness of the feather. Release it from your hand and watch it slowly flutter to the floor. See the magic in this act. This is freedom.

Say out loud,, the stone is my past, in terms of creativity; It is heavy and self-contained, maybe even self-absorbed. The feather is my future. It is light, very interactive and unpredictable in its path. Today, I will be light. (More on feathers to come, as F is for Feathers!)


  1. This is very powerful and beautiful Stephanie thank you. I just went outside to find a feather and I have a stone on my desk and have done the affirmation! It was lovely and meaningful.

    And your picture of Light-Hearted is lovely - I've made my own sketch of hearts now on a note book and will develop this theme in some way -

    Enchanted by your post thank you very much Stephanie!

    1. Thanks Susan. I'm so glad you found the affirmation meaningful. Interestingly enough, I did the heart series when I was totally blocked creatively. Drawing the almost primal, and definitely childhood-inspired-shape really freed up my creativity. I hope working with it will bring you joy and open you up to wonder, the way it did for me.

  2. I like the word Enchante and your definition of it :)


  3. Wish I remembered more of my French. Merci.

  4. ooh, I love your picture of Light-Hearted. You're really talented

  5. I can see Freedom as I visualise the feather falling to the floor. Merci! Sue @Sizzling60 from
    Sizzling Towards Sixty

  6. I think I can, I think I can. Let go the rock and grab teh feather!


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