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D is for Dancing

Zulu Dancer

So, what can you do for free, that lifts your mood by elevating endorphin levels that also helps your fitness level?
As a girl, I was blessed with a unique opportunity. My mother had danced in her youth and wanted to share that experience with me. Through her encouragement, I grew to love my dance lessons and ended up studying dance about 4 nights a week and then performing on the weekends.

One of my favorite activities was dancing outside. I enjoyed practicing my turns outdoors (poor grass!). So, I’d put our large speakers outside the door and then turn and turn, and turn some more, using the trees across the lake as a spotting tool. In case you’re unfamiliar spotting is a place you focus your eyes so that you don’t become dizzy.

Now, some of you reading this will think this sounds crazy. Others are living in a place wherein doing something like this is not possible. I’m not suggesting you twirl outside, but hey, if you can, go for it! I’m just using my teenage experiences as an example of how dancing liberated me, and fed my senses and spirit, leading to creativity.

What anyone reading this can do, especially those feeling bogged down by a creative block, is dance. Pandora, Google, Spotify, whatever app or tool you need—try dancing. It has so many benefits, I don’t know what all to list.

·        What I can say for sure is that dancing makes you lighter. You feel lighter and can indeed shed a few pounds.

·        Creative blocks can make you down in the dumps. It's an inner heavy feeling. Creatively you are constipated—unable to push out your creative flow. But you can play the music of your choice and quite quickly feel the flow return.


  1. Beautiful and inspiring post, Stephanie! My mother taught us to Jitterbug and Twist as kids (she was raised in the 50s!). We had a lot of fun with that.
    Best Wishes!

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    1. Jitterbug sounds and looks so cool! I did do the twist in my day and it is still a freeing and fun dance.

  2. Blessed you are to cultivate dance as an art form, Stephanie. I have a wrong foot and I make for a horrible dancer. Wouldn't mind shaking the body, tough!!

    1. Just do it, like no one is looking and have fun!

  3. When I was young the twist hadn't been invented!!! It was tangos, waltzes,foxtrots, etc. However, I used to love to dance and have done so up until recent years when the body starts to let one down

  4. I have always loved dancing. But in the last twenty years, it is mostly in spirit. I've always enjoyed walking and exercising which are kindred activities. But it does open the mind. Pushing a lawnmower helps me.

    1. I'd do lawnmower to music! Then you're dancing too, just in a different way.

  5. My yoga teacher is a former dancer who often points out how many things have changed in dance instruction as we learn more about our bodies. I still remember my junior high lunch time dances.

  6. Yes!!!

    Beth Lapin
    Activities for a Good Life

  7. Lovely post Stephanie thank you! I'm gonna give that a try! Have made a note in CAPS on piece of pater ... I feel energised just reading it thank yoiu!


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