Friday, April 8, 2016

G is for Giant Self

G is for Giant Self

A while back, I had a very unusual job for me, Manager of Art Security Guards. I only held the position briefly, but man, did I learn a lot in that short period of time. Where I learned the most was in its excellent training program, with a gifted teacher, I must say. This teacher swiftly transformed my work personality from quiet and laid back, by inviting me to step into my Giant Self.

What if you’re handed a back pack and then there is a phone call that the bag is actually holding explosives? What would you do immediately, he’d pry. What would you do?

What if someone is yielding a knife and threatening the crowd of people that have gathered? Time is of the essence. What would you do, he asked again? Tell us right now!

…the questions and scenarios went on and on, all day.

"Giant Self" by Stephanie Bird, 2016

What is your Giant Self? It’s that person larger than your usual self that lives inside of you. In the cloak of your Giant Self you are able to remove huge obstacles out of your way. You make wise decisions. You can save people and you can save yourself.

Mothers who move cars off their young children, have stepped into their Giant Self. People who rush into burning cars to help the person inside get out, are in the space of their Giant Self. Enslaved people that stood up to their so called Masters, they too, had stepped into their Giant Self. I’m sure you can think of your own examples of people that step into Giant Self.

Yes, your Giant Self is huge. It is powerful. As your Giant Self, you are Superwoman or Superman. You can do anything. What a flimsy object a Creative Block is to your Giant Self.

To get in to the space of your Giant Self you must believe no obstacle is too big or cumbersome to be moved out of the way of your goal being met.

You must believe and have faith that there is a higher power or the Power of the Universe, which will back you up.

Clear and purify yourself in the way that is most comfortable and effective personally.

Put on your power clothes (they serve as your cloak of power).

Look over your work with a warm, compassionate and gentle eye. This might be your visual art, crafts, writing or something else.

Write down a list of reasons you are unable to move forward with this beautiful, meaningful or powerful work.
Close your eyes and imagine your Giant Self explaining to your Blocked Self the weaknesses of your rationale in terms of being blocked.

While you’re sitting down and writing, ball up the old sheet of paper that holds your excuses. Toss it away, as though it is the heavy and cumbersome object it is. The road block preventing your progress is now rubbish. It has been defeated.

Draft a new list that describes how you will move forward.

Prioritize and then number the list.

Take on one item from the list the next day. Continue to work your way through your new list, taking on one item per day.

Realize that you can awaken this Giant that lives inside of you anytime you need it.


  1. I want to read this, but the font makes it too difficult.

  2. Mary, read it on your phone or tablet. On other devices, from what I can see, it's a very standard font.

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog today. I think our Giant Self is who we are when we apply ourselves to our fullest potential.

  4. Oh, Stephanie I love this post - the idea of a Giant Self and thank you for your tips. Here is to our Giant Self and releasing them.

    Sue @Sizzling60 from
    Sizzling Towards Sixty

  5. Never visited my Giant Self, don't think I have one.

  6. This is excellent :) Thank you so much for answering your inspiration and writing this. I really enjoyed the message.

    Happy A-to-Z'ing! <3 <3 <3

  7. I may have missed some of the details because the font is very small and curly on the PC, but I think everyone has a Giant Self, but not everyone taps into it. It is a very useful quality.
    Tasha's Thinkings | Wittegen Press | FB3X (AC)

  8. I am going to Europe and one my friends says she has no worries for me cause she knows I can take care of myself. Must be my 'giant self' she is referring to.

    1. Absolutely, and best to you on your journey Denise!


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