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Without Further Ado

There seems to be a lot of awards making their way across the blogosphere. Some stand apart, like the one for which I was recently nominated that pays tribute to both readers and bloggers as team members. It honors supporters and community building among bloggers.

A few posts ago I announced my acceptance of the nomination for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award from Marci Koski of Fuzzy Undertones. In turn, I shared some of my nominees. But wait...there are more wonderful team members and readers to salute.

Stephanie Faris, is a frequent visitor, who regularly adds comments. I am grateful that she is a supportive reader of my blog. Stephanie is the YA author of the highly thought of book, 30 Days of No Gossip and she blogs at Stephanie Faris Tween Author. Stephanie's blog has a fresh and inviting look, as well as tone, where you'll learn about a lot of different books, particularly for youth.

Deborah Brasket is someone I first took notice of on She Writes. We are both members of a blogger's group over there. She first commented on my blog on my post  Facing Addiction. So I checked out her blog and she posts about many different things of interest to me including the devastating effects of addiction not just on the user's life but all those concerned about them. Her blog is called Living on the Edge of the Wild and there you will find poignant, well rendered posts about many different aspects of life.

Someone brand new to blogging, who first came to my blog during the A to Z challenge, is Dawn Connelly. I was drawn to what she was doing because she crafts beautiful papier mache bowls and jewelry, displayed on her etsy page Paper Prezzies. Her creations are well-crafted and they come in a wide variety of forms. I also dabble in that medium and since not many people are working seriously with papier mache I go see what she is doing quite often. Her blog Paper Prezzies Talks recently had a post about her journey into blogging called "No Expert am I."

Donna Falcone and I connected through the A to Z challenge as well, back in April. Her blog is called The Brighter Side Blog: Living with Lyme. Lyme is not a well understood ailment by the general public. Donna's blog raises awareness and also presents us with notes on the brighter side of life, including poetry and lovely photographs to go along with it.

I meet Tennessee native Summer Covington Smith when I traveled to Knoxville to promote my book Sticks, Stones, Roots and Bones about 9 years ago, at her mother Anita's store, which was filled with atmosphere and occupied by an intriguing ghost. The shop, Mother Earth Oils, is now an online store featuring all sorts of spiritual and earthy items some of which are handmade by the pair. Summer is doing something I've always wanted to do. She is a highly skilled doll maker whose work has been featured in the highly thought of magazine "Art Dolls." She has always supported me from my first book, as a reader, to the current time as visitor to this blog and I thank her. To check out what's she's creating visit her at Dreamspirations Gallery.

HJ Blenkinsop lives in the UK and she blogs at Chicken Road Diaries. HJ has made some very touching and supportive comments here as a reader and for that I am nominating her for this award. You've just go to love the tagline for her blog: Frolicking in folklore, looping in legend and meddling in myth. Here be Monsters! Need I say more? These are all topics very near and dear. We also share the genres YA and fantasy. HJ is working on two novels.



  1. Hey congrats for the award and well earned Stephanie:)

    I am taking part in UBC and do check

    1. Thanks Vishal. Will do. Also, you do know that I nominated you for this award, right? You don't have to accept but I'm just making sure you know. If not, check out the post: The Wonderful Team Member Readership Award Nominees. Let me know.

  2. A well-deserved award, Stephanie. And I truly appreciate your featuring my blog here.
    All the best,

    1. Thanks so much Deborah! It's my pleasure to put a spotlight on your meaningful work. I was so moved by your post on the incarcerated young man that I had to share it with my husband and a bunch of my friends.

  3. Congrats, Stephanie and thank you so much for featuring mom and I. You know you can make dolls whenever you feel like it. There's no right or wrong way. If you ever have any questions about it you can ask me anytime :D Hugs to you! Now off to take a peek at the others you have awarded.

  4. Summer, thanks so much for the encouragement. I believe every form of art and craft require a distinct kind of vision, a vision that currently escapes me when it comes to dolls. Yet I love them--always have. I even bought doll parts by the lots from years ago. I had boxes and boxes of china arms, legs, heads and everything. Anyway, for now I'll leave the doll making to you. You do a lovely job and when the time is right I'm hoping to purchase one to put on my writing desk to help me along. You and your Mom are very welcome. Enjoy the blog hopping!

  5. Congratulations to all of your nominees! :D

  6. Absolutely! You were right at the top of my list to nominate, as always, but I know that you are inundated with requests and this one requires a heck of a lot of work. Decided to give you a break ;-)


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