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Striking Balance Through Tadasana

If you look over to your right on this blog and scroll down through "Popular Posts" you will come across one I wrote several years back about my Pagan Retreat in Appalachia. That experience took place at Cerren Ered in a rather secluded location in the Smoky Mountains. It is pretty much off the grid.

I found peace and respite in that magickal place. With a well fed soul, I made art, danced to my heart's content and connected with 'salt of the earth' folks. There's something about being up at a high altitude that makes the heart rest well, to say the least about invoking the spirits, while also inspiring creativity.

Last week, I shared some thoughts on meadows in the post Meadow of Dreams. In addition to traversing the meadow that lives in our primordial mind during meditation, we also visit the mountains through that practice. This journey towards all that is mystical and powerful in the mountain, is echoed in hatha yoga as we take on Tadasana (mountain pose). I always welcome the opportunity to take on Tadasana. It is a chance to gather your thoughts and strength, supported by the grounding center of a mountain.

These last couple of weeks have been stressful. I have been pushed to the limits by collective forces. When I get pushed to this point of no return, I go back to life's more peaceful experiences. Going to the mountain as a traveler, in mind, body or spirit, takes my breath away.

I remember the first time I saw mountains in real life. I traveled the Blue Ridge Parkway, with baby and toddler in tow, and a tear stained face, on the way to help organize my mother's funeral.

Still, even though I was deep in mourning, there was something about the mountains around me that perked up my spirits. Now the mountains are a place I return to as frequently as possible, even taking detours on planned trips just to walk among them. I did this in Australia, when we just had to stop off in Kuranda for a few days.

Now that I've gotten so aggravated, once again my heart and soul yearns for a visit to the welcoming mountains. I have a plan to return to Tennessee next summer. I will be with my friends there that have become like family. I anticipate lots of sharing, engaging with the Goddess and in earth-based spirituality. The plan is also to drink in the fortification the spectacular beauty and thin air of the Smoky Mountains lends.

Meanwhile, I will take a few moments today to stand tall in myself, through Tadasana. I'm hoping to find a few moments for mindful meditation that includes a visit to the mountain that resides in a peaceful mind.


  1. I'm not familiar with yoga or mountains but all of this sounds very serene (if I saw a mountain I'd probably run in the other direction!). I went to a writing conference in Squaw Valley once and the scenery was so beautiful and peaceful that all I wanted to do was sit outside (and I am not an outside person at all). Thanks for sharing. And sorry if you get this twice. I hit "publish" but it seems as if nothing appeared. Sigh. Technology!

  2. Quanie, thanks for stopping by. It's always interesting to hear different perspectives, as in yours about being outside. No worries about your comment. It didn't come twice but I know what you mean. Sometimes that happens to me and it's very frustrating.

  3. What a lovely post..... even though I live right below the mountains I realize I haven't enjoyed them in years! I was just telling Adam over the weekend that very soon we need to plan one of his Saturdays home to go up to Greenbriar where we got married. Sadly we haven't been there since and that will be 10 years ago in October. You be sure we get to get together at least for a couple of hours when you come out next Summer! I'd love to see you again :D

    1. Thanks Summer! I know how that is. When I lived in La Jolla, I was the same way about the ocean. Only went there when visitors came for the most part. Looking forward to my visit and we can definitely hang out then. I'll give you advanced warning.

  4. Lovely post Stephanie, thank you. I agree there is something hugely uplifting about mountains. I feel the same way about the ocean .. mountains stand tall and silent, the seas always in motion with sound ..

  5. Susan, thank you for stopping by! The ocean and forest were the first two places that captivated and comforted me. I agree with you about the ocean--it's hard to beat. Mountains are a more recent discovery but now my enjoyment there is equal to the other spaces I've been mentioning.

  6. There's something about that mountain air. Like the smell of the ocean, it soothes and inspires. I always dreamed of retiring to Gatlinburg but people have told me the town is a nightmare because of all the traffic--plus most of the homes are high up on mountains and if it snows, you could be stranded for days.

  7. Stephanie, I had the feeling you did while visiting Asheville's mountains--how would we get down quickly in an emergency? That's the thing about nature it can be as frightening and powerful as it is majestic.

  8. Hi Stephanie – I couldn't find another place to contact you, so I hope you don't mind me posting here. I’m nominating you for an award because I think you deserve this one! I’d like to pass along the Wonderful Team Member Readership award to you because I really appreciate the creativity and insight of your writing and blogging. I can really relate to a lot of your subject matter about spirituality and nature, and I appreciate the open-mindedness of your blog. I know that most of these awards involve a little work, and if you do not have time to “do” this award, I completely understand; I just wanted to publicly acknowledge you as a valued part of the blogosphere and my blogging community! It’s entirely up to you whether or not you want to accept the award. You can read my post about this award here: I love reading your blog and appreciate the passion with which you write! <3

    1. Marci, I am deeply moved by what you have to say about my writing and blog. Being nominated for this award by you is an honor. Yes of course I accept! I've been blogging here for several years and with very few comments before this year, I had no idea how my blogging was being received. I'm equally glad that you relate personally to the topics I write about--spirituality and nature, since those are subjects near and dear to my heart. Thanks so much Marci! I love your blog too and I'm not just saying that, I mean it. Your blogging is fresh, witty and funky. Visiting Fuzzy Undertones always has a positive influence on my outlook for the day. I will stop over there to learn more about what is entailed in this award.


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