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Fluidity in the Face of Change

Over the course of the past year I have shared many triumphs, some failures, good news and changes. Ultimately, each of those words are interchangeable. Their meaning is open to interpretation. It all depends of your perspective. At times I feel disappointment, like my energy is being drained and pulled downward. Inside, I know that I have an infinity for water. Water flows where it needs to go.

St. John's Wort

Over the past week I have gone through a great deal of upheaval. Well laid plans have been disrupted. The workshop on African Herbal Healing, I've shared about on this blog, has been suddenly modified. It appears to have been canceled but that's not entirely true. Let's just say that where and when it will be offered is unresolved. As things evolve with the scheduling of that event, as well as with other happenings that might be of interest, I will let you know right here.

Freshly Cut Lavender

More than St. John's Wort, and the melancholia it is meant to address, I find myself relating to lavender. Meeting up with unexpected changes, lavender is the perfect herb. A highly adaptable plant in terms of who, what and how it treats. It is the medicine most closely matched to where I currently am. I have fresh cuttings of the sprightly, uplifting herb right next to me on my desk. Their habit and bearing, inspiring.

One of the breathtaking sights I admire, is watching migrating birds in flight. Their ability to adapt fluidly and effortlessly is today's source of wisdom. They go where needed, in their own time and space. Most of all, though they may alter their direction, ultimately they stay connected and through that connection they are sustained.

With herbs steeping slowly I am mimicking my namesake, the bird. Always fluid and adaptable in the face of change.


  1. Staying balanced in the face of constant change is always a challenge for me. I suppose if I were more fluid the balance would follow naturally. Hmmm.

  2. I'm sorry that African Herbal Healing workshop is in a bit of a mess. I hope things get resolved!

    I love lavender!

    1. Chrys, yes, me too. Believe it or not though it is all getting sorted out. I just did a pastel drawing about what happened. It's quite a large piece, sort of a weird triptych, but I still hope to figure out how to post it on here soon.

  3. I love the scent and color of lavender. So pretty in vases or sachets. And yes, the flux of migrating birds, so freeing. The more I read you the more I see we have some favorite things in common. I have written poems about lavender and birds and taken pictures of them. Lovely post and good luck with your workshop. Would love to see your artwork as I love the arts especially painting and I'm into watercolors as a hobby. :)

  4. That's what I love about blogging; you can connect with kindred spirits. I noticed your blog was very arts orientated. I will be posting more of my art soon, thanks for asking. Birds & lavender--lovely to share!


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