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Soul, Singing and Sirens

At the very heart of soul, is the activity or shall I say art form, of singing. I never was much of a singer, though much of my youth was spent in choirs. I was lucky they let me into them, to tell you the truth. Every now and then I could actual reach up and stay in the first soprano range but that was ever so fleeting. The nice thing about choirs is there is a community and communal atmosphere that is welcoming and forgiving.

Singing has always been relaxing, whether my notes were correct or not. It brings you into another realm. You can enter a realm were your troubles temporarily melt away and you feel free. Singing is most definitely spiritual.

                                                                     (Billy Holiday)

I have always admired the old fashioned prison songs and work chants. They bring to mind Negro Spirituals which we sung on the road to freedom and then again, they paved our way through the tumultuous Civil Rights Movement. I like:

Oh, freedom
Oh, freedom
Oh, freedom over me
And before I be a slave
I be buried in my grave
And go home to my lord
And be free...

This particular song rings out in my mind during difficult times. That spiritual is actually etched in my mind and has existed there sense childhood. It has been with me maybe even further back than childhood because it is a freedom song of my ancestors.

                                                               (Muddy Waters)

Now, as a writer of a new novel, singing is once again at the forefront of my creativity and imagination. In my story, an ancient siren decides that she can be even more powerful by hooking herself to a southern blues man. In my new novel, the power of singing must ring out in its most powerful way but the challenge is doing it through the written word.

                                                                       (Ella Fitzgerald)

As long as my experiences in traveling choirs continue to resonate and the soul of my people speaks out and through me, I think I can carry this story out and onto the pages of a fully realized book. Stay tuned...

A to Z Challenge--S is for Soul Singing and Sirens


  1. Stepahanie,

    Lovely post. I so believe in the power of music. I was just in a workshop with members of Sweet Honey in the Rock and the community building was amazing.


    1. Thanks so much Beth! You are one lucky lady to workshop with them! I bet it was an amazing experience.

  2. Oh, Billy Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald were queens. I'm glad that their music still lives on. :) Music has always been a source of power to me. It's my muse whenever I'm writing.

  3. Chrys, they certainly were queens and they live on in our hearts and souls.

  4. Music and song is magical and you have showcased great singers above. Everyone young or old should make some sort of music a part of their lives.

    1. Yes Tania, I particularly enjoy these singers that are pictured here. Their voices all move me in different ways.

  5. What wonderful choices for soulful singing! Thank you. And am staying tuned - sounds as if something super is on the horizon!
    Garden of Eden Blog

  6. I discovered Muddy Waters when I was in high school, when few people listened to his music. He was amazing. I saw him every opportunity I got. His guitar playing was kind of simple, but what a sound he had. I'm glad he got popular again before he died. So much of rock owes its existence to him, Howlin' Wolf, John Lee Hooker, and Jimmy Reed.

    1. I've seen Muddy in documentaries and video--he was something else! You are incredibly lucky to have seen him in person multiple times! I also love Howlin' Wolf--what a talent, as well as John Lee Hooker. They are all inspiring my novel as it develops and helping me shape my characters.

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks Susan! I will stop by your blog and check out your post too!

  8. Music can be so inspiring especially when it has a sense of history. Lovely post Stephanie

    1. Thanks so much Lorna! Glad it resonated with you.

  9. I highly recommend listening to Oral Moses' "Spirituals in Zion" album. His rendition of spirituals will move your soul.

    1. Thank you for the recommendation Versute. I can't wait to hear it!

  10. I love Ella - and I'm loving reading back through your blog from the challenge. It was certainly fun. I had posted too about Beltaine - looking forward to reading some more here :)
    Fil’s Place - Old songs and Memories

    1. Fil, I love the sound of your blog. I'll be right over to check out your posts! Thanks a lot for stopping by.


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