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Dreaming the Dreamer's Dream

I enjoy waking up and writing. Either I work on my books or I blog before anyone else is awake. I like the clean quality of this writing. It is untroubled or mussed from the day's activities. It comes from a fresh place. The art journaling and artmaking comes later in the day. I find that being sharper is more helpful to those endeavors.

When I was a girl, dreams were big business. My grandmother was a prophetic dreamer and used her dreams in numerology to try to hit the numbers and often she did.

Back then, people had dream books and there were number runners. Numbers were played in the streets not in stores or gas stations. People would match up the theme or prominent feature of their dream with particular numbers in the dream book and then play these in what were called The Numbers but what is now the organized Lottery. My grandmother was psychic and did really well with dreams and numbers. My mother and father, well...sometimes they got lucky and that luck fueled many more efforts to win. So many in fact, that winning was futile because of the new amount of money that was spent, trying to win again.

As a child, I found all this interesting but never really wanted to participate. I liked my dreams fairly well and found that I could fly and shape-shift within them. A sustaining ability, even to this day.

This morning though, I awakened irritated by the ongoing bothersome dreams. I couldn't make anything work out the way I wanted it to. It was long...I had to work even longer hours volunteering as a nurse (something I admire but have no personal interest in pursuing) and trying unsuccessful to make friends at school. I woke up feeling tired, achy and icky from the series of dreams. Now I am trying to shake it off.

The other night, I dreamed someone was putting a check in my hand in exactly the amount of a writer's grant to which I had recently applied. This made me wonder, had I become a prophetic dreamer? Will this actually come true? It remains to be seen. I'm not going to comment, one way or another.

Prophetic dreams are when your dreams successfully show you what will happen in the future. As you can imagine, this type of ability can be a blessing and a curse. Like with the dream books, some look at the actual dream as a sign, filled with symbolism that has to be read to make sense. There are all sort of books on dreaming and dream interpretation for you to check out if you are interested.

A couple of years ago I joined a dreaming women's group. We recorded our dreams in a dream journal and made art from them every month. I did have a prophetic dream during that time. The dream came true, it was about a job but then that true dream turned into a nightmare in real life. Needless to say, my ambivalence towards such dreams has returned.

At the moment I have a greater preference for my awake and awakening daydreams than the sleeping ones. This to, will be continued.


  1. I wish I could wake up first thing in the morning to write, but I can't. Actually, my post today is about just that. :D

    I love to find out the meaning behind my dreams, but sometimes the meanings are still confusing. I've had prophetic dreams before. It seems that whenever I have a dream of a tornado, somewhere in the U.S. a tornado hit during the night or hits the next day.

    1. Chrys, there are a bunch of good books out there about dream interpretation and dreamer's groups online. I'm going to read your post from today to see what you mean about not being able to write in the morning. The tornado dreams sound pretty frightening!


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