Thursday, February 27, 2014

Angelic Beings

Quite a while ago, I wrote a piece of prose called “The Pathway Home.” It was later published in the anthology, “Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number,” edited by Carleen Brice. In “The Pathway Home” I write about many things, (my garden, my relationship with my son and planning dinner). Another aspect of this story is an encounter with a being I believed to be an angel.

You know from coming to this blog, that I believe in many different spirits, gods/goddesses, creatures, orisha, lwa, sprites and more. Just the past week I’ve written about dragons and sirens as well as the goddesses. Today I am feeling gratitude for angelic beings.

The back story is, that 2 days ago I wrote a blog post, called “Writer’s Rant” and posted it over at the website for women writers called She Writes. I have since that time deleted the post because it was written in anger, in a time I was feeling low and I don’t want that kind of energy coming out into the world from me. In it though, I was in a rage over being mistreated as a freelance writer. I had put 2 solid days into creating a writing sample, only to find out, quite callously mind you, that they had chosen someone else. This happens to freelancers more times than I’d like to count, especially this one.

You never know though, who is reading your blog posts and what they are thinking. Blog posts come from within and you put them out into the world—a lot of times, that is that. Anyway, someone, and she knows who she is, has been following my posts. In fact, she has told me she looks forward to them. I didn’t know that previously. She is in the position to hire freelancers and the two of us have entered promising discussions about my working for her as an independent contractor and writer.

If you told me that would be the result of my rant I would have laughed, but it did. Yesterday, I renewed my interest in angels. I also began to think about angels that walk this earth and look out for us. My newest work is about spirit possession and it also goes into the importance of voice. Those two aspects came together after that experience and led me to do more writing on my new novel. Prior to that, I had a writer’s block for over a week.

I believe the spirit of angels can possess certain people—people that seem human enough otherwise. I also see this next year as one in which I will develop my voice like my characters, quite possibly with the help of angel guardians and the ascended masters that surround me.

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