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Simple Morning Rituals

Thankfully, I am up again and writing before the sun has risen.  This is a part of my morning ritual that I savor.  Writing can flow beautifully in the early hours of waking, especially if you set the mood for it. It is almost perfectly still and very quiet, except for the patter of rain this morning. It seems, if one were to really focus you can hear your heartbeat. I like to have something to drink, first something cold like water and then a nice cup of South American or African coffee or some sort of tea to start things off.  Before I even have my morning drink, I have to light my candles.  I have 5 votives in little glasses burning.  The patchouli one especially gives off a nice, musty, earthy scent, reminding me of Gaia, whereas the other two are sweeter and more vibrant, a part of the ascended master’s realm.  The trio is complimentary to one another and they warm the spirit and soul which also makes creativity flow.  I also stretch before writing, before I even get out of bed.  Staying limber seems to grow more and more vital each day.  When I am feeling up for it I will also do sun salutations to wake up my body and align my spirit to the universe, getting it ready for what is before me each day.  Ritual and writing seem to go together well and one pulls energy from the other.  When I can get into the rhythm of doing both I find that there isn't much I cannot accomplish.  The morning ritual and writing make way for the painting which follows once the sun has risen.  Today however it will be warm and rainy so I don't expect to see the sun.  For many years now, at least since I was in art school, I have depended on sunlight to motivate, illuminate and in some ways direct my paintings and drawings. When the sun is not out it is harder to get motivated and that is when candles become even more important.  They are little fragrant warming lights that are handy because they are portable.  Each scent offers a different vibrational energy as does each color.  I am using a lot of white candles these days because they offer a high spiritual tonality and seem cleansing which is another important feature of morning rituals. Once I have completed this aspect of my creative ritual I will go near the hearth, I spoke of cleansing the other day, and light three more candles while continuing my preparations for the day with my family.  In that area of the house the narcissus generally colors the room with its hypnotic fragrance, as does the garland and Pacifica candles.  That particular type of candle is rich in essential oils—the aromatherapeutic benefits are out of this world!  They are inspirational, uplifting, vibrational and energetic, all in the form of single three by three inch pillars. This pastel on paper is called "Flowers at Dusk" and it is about 22" x 28."  Ok…it’s coffee time…


  1. Really enjoying reading your blog posts. So much we have in common.. yes, another tribe member :-)
    Welcome to the Mandala Oasis! Looking forward to getting to know you and sharing art and ideas.

  2. Hi Doe Grozs! I'm so glad you're enjoying the blogs and it's always nice to feel something in common. I will check out your work shortly. Tribes are more important than ever these days.


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