Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Reflecting on New Years Resolutions

I use to not participate in New Year's Resolutions. Well, first I did, when I was really young, and then I didn't. For the past couple of years I've taken on a couple of doozy's. Two years ago, it was to lose 90 pounds. I'm more than half way there. I'm still at it. That resolution is never as far away as My Fitness Pal app or a fork, from my mind. I had no idea it would take more than a year to accomplish my 2014 resolution but I'm proud that I haven't let it slip away.

The resolution for 2015 was to re-activate my art career. Let's face it though, in temperate zones like where I live, you're so busy strong shoveling the snow out of your path for the first few months of the year that most of us don't get to tackle our resolutions until early spring. That was the case with me.

"Gardening Action with Bugs and Flowers"
oil on canvas, Stephanie Rose Bird, c. 2015

There was something about the newness of spring that got me going. Flowers are so inspiring in shape, color, texture and scent. At first I started buying bouquets and then as soon as it was warm enough, I went out into the garden. I love my outdoor studio. Now as the sabbat Lammas approaches (more on that soon) and we're heading into a month with a blue moon, I'm about to head outside in a few minutes for another painting session. I'm glad to say though, I'm painting much more than once in a blue moon.

                     "Sunny Day in the Garden," oil on canvas, Stephanie Rose Bird, c. 2015

Resolutions are a public declaration. With my resolution I'm saying: I'm going to do this thing this year and I'm going to stick to it. I'm finding my resolutions to be complicated, time-staking but well worth the effort. My newest development in my art career--well, it's huge! Stay tuned for a very special announcement about it in the coming days.


  1. Congrats on the weight loss so far. I recommend My Fitness Pal a lot.

    I love you art resolution - and I really like your paintings, these are so detailed and intricate.

    Mine this year was to avoid buying new clothes, and rediscover the ones I've got lurking in the back of my cupboard. I've never been the most fashionable of people, so it's been fun to wear all my old stuff again.

  2. I like to set goals...realistic goals. Some resolutions tend to be too big.

    I'm a huge fan of your art and I'm glad you're getting back into it. You have a beautiful talent. Keep your art coming! :)

    1. I agree Chrys! Thanks for the encouragement too!

  3. I love that! Great idea Annalisa. Hope it's still going well.

  4. Lovely post Stephanie - your art is beautiful. Maybe it's this very act and being in nature's summer that inspires you to keep to your resolution - awaiting big announcement!!

    1. Susan, you're right. I believe Mother Nature herself is the key to my inspiration. Thanks!


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