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Getting Back to Basics

Regulars here know of my weight loss journey. If you're new, here's some brief background. I decided to lose weight, using spirituality and calorie counting on My Fitness Pal about a year and a half ago. I lost 50 pounds. I felt great, gave away my big clothes to charity, celebrated and still planned to lose 40 more. I also embarked on writing the book "Mama Earth's Spiritual Guide to Weight-loss."

Then life stepped in, in a big way. I got distracted. I started cooking my own food less, eating out more. Staying within the calorie limits I'd set (higher mind you), I reached for some "healthy" packaged foods.

Low and behold, weight started to creep back on, slowly but surely. It came a pound here and a pound there--until I'd gained 5 pounds back.

Recently I went back to the source. Back to Mother Nature for guidance and nourishment. I'd mentioned in a previous post how I'm eating more vegan and raw foods. That's a part of my movement to source. Here are some of my recent creations:

Banana Bread Granola (vegan/gluten free) using Minimalist Baker's Recipe

                                                             Homemade Almond Milk

Having just polished off a bowl of this, I can say I feel cleaner and lighter than I usually do, eating this combo. I'm energized and ready to go.

In terms of my weight, I've been eating this type of vegan and raw foods for about a week. I've lost 4 of those evil pounds I'd put back on. 1 more to go--I'm stoked!


  1. Well done Stephanie. I cut out wheat about a year ago and the weight started to drop off - I've lost about 45 pounds. No calorie counting either which was just great.

  2. Wonderful! Nice hearing from you as well.

  3. Banana bread granola? That looks and sounds yummy!

    I just read a blog post a little bit ago from a blogging friend of mine who talked about a new weight loss/diet book she found. It's called Divine Dining. I don't think there will be a lot of vegan stuff in it, but I think it may interest you. Here's the link to the post:

    1. That sounds wonderful Chrys. Thanks for the referral. I was drawn in my its name. It does have a subtle banan flavor too.

  4. Hi Stephanie! I've been reading your last few posts and enjoying them very much. Chrys Fey's guest post was fun, and I am familiar with her blog through the IWSG. I enjoyed the pastels you did in the San Diego area. There are a number of artists in my extended family, so I love looking at people's art.

    I'm afraid I'm an omnivore. I just having been able to give up meat or fish; but I do try to buy animal products from animals that have been treated humanely. I try to cook from scratch and use unprocessed food as much as possible. I too battle those pounds creeping on. Kudos to you for losing so much weight and for going after those pesky pounds that want to come back. You are inspiring me to be more adventurous and try some vegan recipes. Right now my husband and I are on a long road trip and cruise, so eating healthy will be a constant challenge. Good luck on your quest to pare off that last pound!

    I'm not sure when I'll get another interject connection, so I'll wish you a happy summer and catch your blog when I can. Enjoy!!!!

    1. Aww, I'll miss you. Do have a great time though. It's a catch 22 losing internet connection but ultimately it's great to have the opportunity to connect to the world without the internet.
      It's so nice to hear how you've been following my summer posts. My next recipe to try out is unfried rice. Thanks for the encouragement!

  5. Well done! It's so easy for those pesky pounds to creep back on when you take your eye off the ball. Are you exercising as well?

    1. Thanks Annalisa. I do the usual things now, in terms of exercise but am about to restart my swimming regime and perhaps take on Tai Chi to learn how to shift my energy with purpose.

  6. I remember you writing about your journey Stephanie - it's a huge thing to lose extra baggage both physically and emotionally. Mentally and spiritually too ... I like to think of gaining lightness instead of losing weight. There's something about that word 'losing' that needn't be there ...

  7. Point well taken Susan. I'm glad you've been here to experience parts of the journey with me! Yes, words are very powerful. I will keep that in mind as I continue onward.


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