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A is for Ashe (A to Z Challenge)

Signs of spring tease us. They give us a peek at the possibilities and then retracts them. Today is a beautiful day but the pattern seems to be every other day, here in Chicago. Yesterday I wore my coat during my morning walk. A couple of days before that coat and woolen scarf were needed. Today a sweater is just fine. Like many people, I crave the shift  from winter weather to spring. I'm filled with anticipation; savoring each day we have over 45 degrees.

Stephanie Rose Bird "Change in Direction" Watercolor and Ink on Paper
Nature has the power to heal. It uplifts our spirits, particularly when we move from one season to the next. This movement and transformation, in terms of how we perceive our world, brings to mind the traditional Yoruban word 'ashe'. Sometimes you will see this word used with an exclamation point, though whether or not one is  required is debatable.

Stephanie Rose Bird, "Nugget of Truth" Mixed Media on Paper

I am starting the 2015 April A to Z Challenge with ashe representing A. Ashe is many things. The one I will focus on, is ashe representing the invisible power of nature. Ashe is present in the shift we feel, as dormant leaves, bulbs and flowers awaken, showing their vibrant colors. Further, healing medicines created from nature, for example, teas, incense, powders, washes, soaps and balms, are all imbued with ashe.

Ashe is nature at its most powerful. It lends itself to daily spiritual living. Even the purposefully spoken word, ones that deserve but don't necessarily need an exclamation point behind them, contain ashe.

Notes on my Theme:
This post is written for the 2015 A to Z Challenge. During this challenge, participating bloggers post once a day, in alphabetical order. This is done 6 days per week. Sundays are off. My theme presents words that are exciting. These words serve as thematic motifs in my writing. My theme also revolves around exclamation points. The words I've chosen can replace the dreaded exclamation point, which writers are urged to avoid.


  1. I've not heard this word before, but the power of nature certainly resonates with this lover of stars, water, and mountains. Lovely post.

    Visiting from the A to Z Blog Challenge.

    1. Thanks Susan, it's nice hearing from you. I enjoyed your A post as well.

  2. What a lovely word ... I've never heard it before.
    Great theme for the A to Z Stephanie - looking forward to reading more.
    Fil’s Place - Old songs and Memories

    1. Nice hearing from you Fil. I enjoyed your post yesterday as well.

  3. Ashe - such a soft word, fine and fragile like a whisper yet so strong. I want to make an exclamation mark but am resisting. Thank you for this lovely post Stephanie and the fine fine paintings. I look forward to the next, and the next and the next -

    1. I so appreciate your visits Susan. Yes, I believe we've become a little anesthetized from texting, emailing and such, to the point where we always feel compelled to "!". Let's let the words speak for themselves. I agree, ashe (pronounced a' shay) is a lovely sounding word.

  4. Lovely introduction to April. Looking forward to the rest of the month from your perspective.

    1. Thanks Deborah. Just taking one day at a time.

  5. Great post and lovely intro to spring and April. We too here in Pennsylvania are going through that period of transition from winter to spring and the teasing so far has been unwelcome in that it gets our hopes up only to dash them into snowy white powder the next day. It cannot last forever. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    1. My pleasure and thanks in return! Glad you liked the post.

  6. I too had never heard of this word but it is very evocative.

    1. Isn't it? Sometimes we need to pull from other languages to find just the right word.

  7. I never knew about Ashe. That's fascinating!


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