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It's a bit of a challenge blogging about angels. They are quite foreign to me, as I've mentioned. Heretofore, they've been illusive. Nevertheless, I am trudging on with this series because they have so boldly inserted themselves into my life and healing process. This is the third post of the angels series.

In African American culture, signs are very important--especially signs through dreams. One of the recurring divination cards from the Doreen Virtue Angel Daily Guidance Oracle Deck I frequently pull (despite thorough shuffling) is the Signs card. It wasn't until I starting thinking more about this post, which attempts to link signs, divination and angels, that I've starting patching together the signs I've been given.

My cards spreads ask repeatedly for me to look for signs and use my talents to interpret them. I was promised a mini-reading at the angel workshop I attended. Miniature indeed. We had a three card spread to mull over and a single card to point us to our archangel.

Archangel means ruling messenger and prince of angels. These are the heavy hitting angels. I was expecting to pull one I with which I had some familiarity. Instead I pulled Sandalphon. What the heck? I got a bit of scanty information at the workshop but since then I've investigated further. Turns out he is an ascended master, meaning he first lived life on earth as prophet Elijah. His message is powerful and pertinent to my life. Since pulling the Signs card and connecting with his energies my healing has accelerated.

If you notice my last post, Uplifting and Spirited Music, before this angel series, it's all about music. Music which uplifts spirit. This is how Sandalphon speaks--through music and spirit, usually expressed with prayer.

I couldn't have picked a more important and relevant archangel in the deck. His message and presence invites us to:

  • use inherit talent to help yourself and others
  • balance emotions
  • move towards good health
  • be dependable and stable
  • connect with Mother Earth

If you follow my website you know about my struggles with writing. All growing from insecurities. You'll also see many posts sharing my practice of Earth-based Spirituality and involvement with plants as healers. 

Yesterday, I finally picked up my newest novel, which had grown dusty and worked on it. I had clarity of vision. So much clarity, I was able to read through my opening chapter, as the content editor I am. Listening to global tunes, not only did I mark up the entire first chapter (which writers know is one of the most important), I had enough confidence to envision and outline a new chapter. Previously I was stuck with the first 6 chapters--blocked. Now I see the need to break up the compact chapters with lighter/informational chapters woven in between. I'm moving forward. 

Sandalphon + Music + Prayer = Renewed Confidence & Creativity + Productivity

Then the curious dream, an encounter with what I can only imagine to be an angel. Just for some background, my parents were very religious--Dad more towards the end of his life, but still.  They weren't A.M.E. (African Methodist Episcopal) just plain old Methodists. Angels have been completely off my radar because of my beliefs in the Goddess, goddesses, gods, lwa, spirits, etc., but they were big in their lives. Signs sent from them are going to be Christian, whether I like it or not.

In the dream, I told you I saw an ultramarine blue wing. It's hard, even for a painter like me who has handmade paints, to discern between ultramarine, of certain saturation's and cobalt blue. Have a look for yourself: 

Ultramarine Blue

Cobalt Blue

Sometimes Archangel Michael is attributed a generic blue light and sometimes it is cobalt blue--the bottom image. Ultramarine has a type of transparency whereas cobalt is very dense. The angel in my dream, which brought me to the workshop to learn more about angels, was closer to the bottom image, and that is Archangel Michael's color. There was no transparency in the colors of his wings. Michael is considered the Leader of Holy Angels. Another appropriate and important angel for my healing, this time in my life, and my mother's style of guidance. Here are some of his qualities:
  • appears to lend courage when one needs to overcome fears
  • represents protection
  • strength
  • faith
  • power
As I indicated, I'm learning on my feet. Angels haven't previous been in spiritual my vocabulary. One additional thing before I go. Our presenter at the workshop said the cards were powerful. She let us know we'd get the same cards again and again if angels were trying to speak through them. Intriguing but unbelievable I thought, until it happened.

Part IV. is coming...


  1. Thank you Stephanie for sharing this. Over the last few days I've been thinking about
    Angels - and you have prompted me to look further.

    1. That's wonderful Susan! Looking forward to hearing about what you come up with.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Thanks a bunch Fil! Your message has been received and removed to protect your privacy.

  3. Ah.... I found it - Zadie Smith reading from That Crafty Feeling. Particularly, rule #8 is the one I was thinking of, at minute 7:19 :)

    1. Thanks Donna! This is a very powerful presentation that Zadie Smith gives. She appears so confident and self-assured. My inspiration for today!

  4. I always look for meanings behind my dreams and I never thought that angels could be giving us signs. It was interesting learning about Sandalphon. Thanks for this! I feel like getting more in touch with angels now. :)

    1. You're very welcome Chrys! Glad you enjoyed it! Sandalphon is becoming increasing important in my life, as you'll notice from today's post.


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