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Flirting with Angels

Art by Kathy Fornal

Recently I took an angel workshop. I've flirted with the idea of angels for many years but I wasn't quite sure what to make of my interests. The workshop has been transformative in many ways. I learned what to call the interactions I've had with angels. I learned more about the order of angels. Most importantly, I've reestablished my workings with them in a more informed way.

Some of you may be wondering what the heck I'm talking about. In some ways I wonder myself, yet I know they have been a constant in my life. 
  • I learned in the workshop that angels do "walk-ins." This is where they appear in human form and interact with you briefly, only to be never seen again.
  • Moreover, you must speak out loud to them.
  • You are assigned two guardian angels for your lifetime. They are always with you.
  • Our workshop focused on the messages of the archangels.We communed with them through divination and meditation.

It is the ways that divination brings the angels voices forward that fascinates me. Yes, I had a book by Doreen Virtue but for some reason it didn't speak to me, though she is very popular. I bought How to Hear Your Angels by Virtue and it is still not grabbing me for very long. It is through her beautifully illustrated deck Daily Guidance from your Angels Oracle Cards that angels speak to me.

The next few posts will focus on angels in divination, spirituality and life. Come back to read more and join in the conversation...


  1. Wow Stephanie - this is very exciting! I am eagerly awaiting to hear more. I know of Archangel Michael, who I THINK is my angel ... in the meantime I will speak out loud. And I know I have another, I think it is Gabriel - I will do some investigating on my side. Thank you - this is synchronous in its way.

    Are you doing the April A-Z blog challenge? This could be such a great theme, including meditation, prayer, inter alia ...

  2. Thanks so much Susan! Angels are very intriguing and really we know so little about them. It's nice to try to engage with them. I'm definitely all in for A to Z and will do the Theme Reveal blogfest in March as well. I always feel synchronicity when I visit your blog. Lovely to hear from you. Stay tuned...

  3. That is so fascinating! I always thought we had one guardian. It's nice to know we have two with us at all times. :)

  4. The angel at the top of your post is exquisite, Stephanie! And your words are fascinating ~ I'll be back for sure! Thanks for sharing your experiences. My mind isn't made up one way or another about angels, but they are an intriguing topic. I have been told by a very spiritual friend more than once than I have angels all around me. And maybe I do; I've come through a lot. Have a good one!


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