Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Creativity's Requirements

I always knew that being creative requires space—preferably well-lit, roomy and comfortable.  The workspace needs your personal touches and it needs to be welcoming. I have worked in grand spaces, such as my ballroom studio, and tight places, like on my lap by a window, in hospital.
Now I’m seeing that creativity has another distinct and demanding requirement—simplicity. In the case of creativity, the type of simplicity required is deep.  You need to be as drama-free as possible. You will need work/life balance, wherein you can leave you work at work and at home you can find space for your creativity in the studio. My creativity also requires quiet—sometimes complete silence, especially when I’m writing.  Most importantly creativity requires time. Time must be set aside to create fertile ground for creativity to flourish and mature.  Time is the most costly of creativity’s requirements.
I’m not sure why it took me until this age to figure this stuff out but I’m grateful to the Goddess that I have.
I am in the Creative Everyday Challenge and I like how this shield drawing uses white as a color.


  1. Beautiful drawing! I really like your color technique. A far as being creative- it is like a drug to me. Since creating every day this year, I've realized it is truly something I have to do, every day. I've been through some real junk with a particular medication and the art is the only thing, besides prayer, to have kept me sane. I appreciate your thoughts here. Your work is meant to be seen! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Kim,

    It's so nice to hear from you. Your comments are so refreshing. The wrong medication can really lead you down a bad path. Art keeps me sane as well!
    Thanks Kim!

  3. Creativity is very important to me, it´s one of the best ways I know to heal and get in touch with my inner self... I need to create (or at least, use creativity in my everyday life, work etc.) because it keep my sanity.

    My creativity requires what you have mentioned, but often I miss time...

    Your posts are very interesting, and so is your artwork. I am your new follower

  4. Zena,
    Thanks so much for following and for engaging in conversation!


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