Monday, March 26, 2012

Sand Dunes of Michigan

I have been working with memories of land formations and geographic features this week.  One of the pieces I worked on is called, “Sand Dune” and it is an abstracted version of a sand dune I climbed in Michigan.  I have been working with oil pastel on top of a foundation of vine charcoal for a few weeks now.  Yesterday I bought some watercolor pencils to add into the mix but I haven’t attempted to mix the oil-based and water-based materials yet. To my surprise and delight the oil pastel mixed media works seem to be coming together to form a body of work.  For the first time in a long time my work has a flow to it that taps on intuition and expression in a way that I enjoy very much. This is something I can continue with for a while and I can't wait to see the series all together in a gallery space. I intend to continue to work with mixed media, trying the watercolor pencil as a contrasting element with the oil pastels and vine charcoal. Often, I teach my classes projects that incorporate crayon with water resist so I think the teaching is an influence. With spring break from teaching coming up soon, it seems as though I need to visit some of these land formations and geographic features in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan that are fueling my work.  Stay tuned! This is “Sand Dune,” and it is 9” x 12” done using oil pastel and mixed media.


  1. Stephanie, this is beautiful... once again. :-)
    We are perhaps on the same wavelength - i posted something today about sand, and i almost called it "sand dunes"...
    I really love this abstract. xoxo

  2. Pauline:
    That's really cool! I'll hop over to your blog to check out your piece about sand.
    Thanks so much!


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