Monday, March 19, 2012

Lightning Water and Thunderstorms

Lately I’ve been craving a good storm.  I don’t want it to pose danger to anyone but for someone reason I need a storm.  It already feels like spring or really like summer though it is not yet Ostara. You can do such potent magical things with Lightning Water but you need a strong storm to be able to collect the water. In my book, “Sticks, Stones, Roots and Bones,” I write a lot about proper collection of the different types of waters for magickal intentions and found during my research that I was especially fascinated by some West African collection techniques of the Ibo people.  I was looking through my things and noticing that I still have some Tennessee Lightning water sent by a good friend who is very spiritual.  I wonder how potent it is now? It is bottled in a brown bottle so it probably has maintained much of its power and I know it was sent with good intentions.  I need to make some powerful changes in my environment and have a good feeling that I need fresh Lightning Water to spark these changes.  For now, we are promised rain and a storm near my area but it has not materialized. I call this drawing “Warm Front Meets Cold Front,” for obvious reasons. It is designed to work as a charm to conjure a storm.


  1. your drawing evokes the chaos and the warmth and coldness of a storm. I see that clearly. Very interesting story. I never heard of Lightening Water and am intrigued by the power it may hold. Visiting from CED :)

    1. Hey Kristen from CED. Yes Lightning Water is very potent and it is relatively easy to obtain. I'm so glad the intent of my drawing is clear to you. Loving CED, aren't you?

  2. There is such a powerful feeling in a storm that only comes with the clouds and rain for me. Love the way your drawing shows the clash of warm and cold.

  3. Thanks Carolyn. Since our weather has been so mysteriously warm I've been very inspired to record its activities in my art.

  4. Storms (without danger) can be really spectacular and give such an amazing energy! I love your picture and I think it captures this force beautifully


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