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2017 Presents a Fresh Start

Oh boy! It's been a while since I've been in this space. Apologies! There are so many things I have to do, want to do, need to do; sometimes blogging has to wait. Other times, like this morning, it calls to me. This morning it said: hey girlfriend, it's blogging time.

I get weird about New Year's. Some years I want to deny it; power through; act like somehow, it didn't happen. This year I am welcoming 2017 by doing my creative rituals, such as writing out intentions, otherwise known as resolutions, and creating a dream board (still in-process).

You've seen me write a lot about the Law of Attraction, and how the Universe is active in our every day lives, listening for our directives. I've seldom seen the Law of Attraction come to life so brilliantly as when I create and post a dream board somewhere in my home. Amazing! Have you created one? What has come from it?

In some ways I think 2016 was a terrible year. I was stuck, looking, waiting, wanting, but...not so much of the doing. I've decided to dedicate 2017 to doing - making art, writing and making; you know, the stuff I love doing and do best.

I must admit I'm still searching. This time for ways to walk the Sage's Path. I'm listening and studying; finding out amazing things about life, process, making, blessing, and making things happen. Mostly from TED Talks and reading.

Yesterday, I watched the most compelling TED Talk for where I am right now. It is featuring the musician and I would venture to say, performance artist and thinker, Amanda Palmer, speaking about asking. She makes a powerful and compelling case for the magic in asking. She supported herself through asking, while posing as a sculpture called the Eight Foot Bride. I don't want to spoil it for you. You should look it up, watch and let your soul listen. She is a very soulful person, deeply moved by generosity and my humanity from what I can see. For Palmer, abundance came through asking.

I wish in this year, I could be as open as she is; open to possibility and to trusting that things will work because it seems as though the process of trust cultivates abundance. Have you readers ever done crowdfunding or couch-crashing in an intentional way? What were your results or experiences? I'd love to hear more about this. I'd love to be able to trust enough and be free-spirited enough to do either. They require an openness and a level of vulnerability that I'm not sure I am ready or willing to allow.

Time will tell. I think I need to partake in crowdfunding personally to gain a footing for my herbal and art businesses. First though, I must decide seemingly infinite amounts of details. Stay tuned for more on this opening-up process; opening-up to letting things be, as the Universe see's fit. Meanwhile, I want to once again make my blogging a viable space, for experimentation, airing of thoughts, a garden of ideas, where ideas flourish. Looking forward to hearing from you.


  1. Stephanie, I am thrilled to hear your voice again! I listened to Amanda Palmer's TED talk at a time when I am struggling with trust: my daughter was diagnosed with a very difficult cancer in April and my life has gone topsy turvy since then. I fluctuate in my trust of the Universe that this will work as it should. I experience deep pain when she is in deep pain. It has impacted my romantic relationship in a deep, insightful way that likely will end that relationship. I needed to hear this, think about it, and try to focus on TRUST. Thank you.

  2. Beth, likewise, it is nice connecting with you! Your comment disarmingly open, and opening up is one of the hallmarks of trust. Cancer is so tricky that it is bound to stir fear in us, anger, and many other emotions. It is certainly hard to trust that cancer has good intentions. It is an illness that raises its head in my family circle all too often, and has recently made a reappearance. The news of it strikes me like a vacuum, drawing all the air out of my body. I am wondering whether or not you'll be blogging about this extremely challenging experience you're facing with your daughter and the equally transformative one with your relationship? I'll be over to your blog to find out. Meanwhile, I'm sending warmth and light your way in these very difficult times you're facing, wishing you and your daughter a safe journey through uncharted waters.

    1. I have been journaling about this, but blogging seems like too much right now... perhaps in the future.

      Thank you for the warmth and light and safety during our journey.

    2. I have not yet blogged about this, but it may happen.

      Thank you for your light and warmth and vision of a boat safely making it through choppy seas.

    3. Beth, I very much look forward to reading your thoughts in blog form when you're ready. Meanwhile, many thanks for stopping by, and let's keep this going!


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