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Mother's Day Bouquet Drawings

I've switched gears and started painting and drawing a lot more in my studio. I tend to do this as the seasons change. Seasonal change is just to darned inspirational to ignore. Spring is lovely and lush with unusual colors worth celebrating.

Just in time my son Liam bought me this lovely, full bouquet of tulips with stock and some trumpet flowers, among other tiny delights for Mother's Day. It took all week to do these drawings. It felt like a race against time. That's what happens for me with direct observation still life. The light changes greatly from day to day and the subject transforms, if it is alive, as is the case with flowers.

So here's what I did.

"Mother's Day Tulips Full Sun" c. 2015, Stephanie Rose Bird

Mixed Media Preliminary "Tulip Study" c. 2015, Stephanie Rose Bird

Close Up Pastel Study, "Tulips" c. 2015, Stephanie Rose Bird

Black and White Vine Charcoal Study, "Tulip Bouquet," c. 2015, Stephanie Rose Bird
*please do not reproduce these images without my permission.

I did approximately one drawing per day but then there was this stubborn one. I probably worked on it 15 hours all told. Ugh. I fought it and battled. I thought I'd lost it entirely because it wasn't saying what I wanted it to. It seemed like a hopeless waste of time and art supplies. Then I settled in to the fact that it was done on a cloudy part of the week, when I prefer sunny days for my work. I went with the murky impressionism brought on by the clouds. Through acceptance of what was put before me, instead of pinning away for what I wished for, I saved the drawing.

                         Pastel Drawing, "Cloudy Day Bouquet, c. 2015, Stephanie Rose Bird

Mother's Day is always bittersweet. My mother passed away suddenly and we were very close. I was also close to my paternal Grandmother and Great Grandmother. Still, life goes on and they'd want me to celebrate life. I adore my children and we have wonderful celebrations each year.

My daughter Olivia bought an incredible arrangement of orchids. They are planted so I don't have to race to capture their image, though I've started preliminary studies. Orchids up next...


  1. Lovely pictures. Don't often have cut flowers their life span is so short. Have a violet and some Basil

    1. Thanks Jo. I don't have an indoor green thumb so cut flowers workout well. Violets and basil sound lovely.

  2. Love the thoughts behind the art work and it echoes positivity and powerful vibes. Sad to hear about your Mom and may she always be with you.

  3. Beautiful artwork Stephanie thank you for sharing ... looking forward to the orchids :)

    1. Thanks Susan. I'm having fun and being very productive in my studio. Orchids are coming along well!

  4. Hi Stephanie .. wonderful memories and so far back ... I do remember my great great grandmother ... she died at 100 ... always in black ... and her daughter my great aunt was a fantastic artist ... it hasn't filtered down this end of the family tree! Your drawings are delightful and what a lovely family photo .. cheers Hilary

    1. Hillary, wow Great Great grand? That's amazing! Thanks for stopping by!


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