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Summer Friends

Remember  those summer times, when you'd find a special friend and swear you'd be friends forever? For me, they most often occurred at the beach. Not just on vacation; sometimes we'd find each other on an extended weekend by the sea or lake.

You'd meet and connect. It could be over the silliest things. You both wore your hair the same way. You loved sun bathing or going out into deep waters, no matter the consequences. Quickly you became BFF's. This could happen at the shore, at summer camp or even at a family gathering. You were inseparable.

Inevitably the dreaded time would come. In your hearts, you knew it would, yet you allowed yourselves to live in the moment. Ultimately, whatever your age, you knew you had to return to your separate lives. Most likely, you'd never see each other again. It would hurt.

Children are resilient. They bounce back. Their summers and weekends are typically just that. With adults it's more complicated. Hours grow into days, which grow into weeks, months and years. Inevitably, we too have to say goodbye, be it of circumstance or choice.

Oh, but for the return of those summer days.


  1. I never had a summer friend. My summer friend was my best friend year-round.

    This reminds me of the book Summer Sisters by Judy Blume. Have you read it? If not, you should check it out. It was a nice story. :)

    1. Yes, it was an interesting experience Chrys. I haven't read "Summer Sisters" by Blume. Thanks for suggesting it. I will check it out!

  2. Beautiful sentiments. I know people come into our lives sometimes only for a season. But it does hurt when reality sets in and you know you'll never see them again. Nice post.

  3. Wonderfully nostalgic - a longing for those certainties! Thanks Stephanie!

    1. Yes, longing for certainties in our very uncertain world. Thanks for stopping in Susan!

  4. So beautifully written! Sadly, summertime was always the time when I had to part from my friends and go see relatives. I also spent the month of July every year with my dad. Each year, it seemed I'd return to school to find my friends had made new friends over the summer!

  5. Thanks Stephanie for stopping in, commenting and for sharing your very different perspective!

  6. Made a summer friend once, at a week long beach stay. Good times, and yet so young we didn't think to stay in contact (this was before email and aol). Kinda makes me wonder how that person is doing now, and I need a serious vacation. :)

    1. David, I'm in serious need of a vacation too. It's odd how and why "friends" come and go. Social Media does help us keep track these days.

  7. Summer friendships hold such a special place for me. We knew each other through the year because we went to school together, but it seemed each summer there was one person who stood out and we'd become inseparable those three months. Sadly, come September, it was all but a memory even though we'd see each other in class. But then the next June it would start all over but with a new best friends. I hadn't thought about those times much until I read your post.

    Thank you for bringing those memories back :)

  8. Glad to share that with you and renew that memory. It's something precious that seems to lend itself well to childhood.


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