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Notes on Writing

Where have I been?

What have I been doing the past two weeks?

Making decisions, sorting things out, and as my last post suggests, moving forward.

While sometimes I imagine I've gone down the ubiquitous rabbit hole, what I've been doing is necessary. To grow is to change and changing takes place on a convoluted path in its own time.

As a writer and member of the Insecure Writer's Support Group, I gained some much needed courage. It may sound counterproductive but I quit a year long writing class that wasn't serving my needs. I'd been tortured about quitting it since the beginning. You have to apply for the class. Twice I was rejected but last year I was finally admitted. It's a small class that promises a lot. In the end I could see it was never going to deliver. Our teacher was disengaged all month and seemingly only thought about the class a few days before we were to meet (our meetings were once a month). The week I quit she asked us to read our entire novel (mine is 248 pages long) overnight, then print out the first 50 pages. We were also to read a chapter from our textbook that night before class. The 14 page long reading we were to critique was also posted within that same 24 hour period.

Can anyone say unrealistic?

I saw some of the other problems that slowly mushroomed the first day. It took 6 months to decide to call it quits. I wavered for a while afterwards about my decision. Now I'm certain I did the best thing. Instead of wasting my time in the wrong class I'm moving on. I'm sure there are other workshops out there that will be more useful. I'll let you know what I find.

Meanwhile, I've been sharpening my skills as a professional writer. Once upon a time I made my living as a development editor and content writer, then some things happened that shook my confidence. I stepped away from it for about 6 years. Guess what though? I've returned to that world. It came as quite a surprise but my skills are in high demand. In just a few short days after putting out my shingle I already have jobs!

What I'm saying this month to my fellow Insecure Writer's Support Group, is there's always hope.

 Change takes courage but it's good.

Don't become mired in doubt about what you have to offer the world.

Be adventurous and take chances.

You never know what you'll get in return.


  1. Change is absolutely necessary for growth. There's always hope, so long as we keep at it, move forward, and accept change. Great post, Stephanie.

  2. Replies
    1. Liz, thanks so much! I'm so happy to see you on here! It's been a trying but very productive time for me. Hope all is well with you.

  3. You did the right thing by walking away. Things that drain our energy are never good. It sounds like things are moving in the right direction.

    1. Thanks Quanie. I appreciate hearing that because you're never quite sure when you make bold moves but I agree, it feels right.

  4. Great post Stephanie thank you. Life is always changing in ways we can never know .. our task as humans is to be open to it. This post showed this clearly!

    1. Hey! Nice hearing from you Susan (as always). Thanks for the encouraging words of wisdom regarding this post.

  5. This is a really great post.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Follow Fest isn't as difficult as it looks. If you decide to take part and need help, you're more than welcome to contact me. :)

    1. Melissa, I thought about your Follow Fest and you're right, it's not as hard as it sounds. I just need to complete all my writing deadlines over the next few weeks first. I'd like to participate. As soon as I clear my plate I will start the process. I enjoyed your post. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  6. It absolutely sounds like you made the right decision, and congrats on your new jobs. It's amazing how we are drawn to the things we need to be doing.

  7. Good for Stephanie! Yes, change takes courage, even stepping out takes courage but sometimes those breaks we take makes us so much better! Best of luck!

  8. Congrats on the new job(s) and on having the courage to step away from something that wasn't working. That takes a lot.

    Happy writing!

  9. Wow! It takes a lot of courage to step away from something that isn't working, especially since you'd applied for it and all. Now that you don't have all that homework (yikes!) for class, you'll have more time to work on what you do want to work on.
    We must've been on the same wave length with our posts--it is hard to find classes or workshops that "fit" you as a writer. But I've found that moving on (no matter how hard it was at the time) always leaves room for better things to come.

    1. Let's try to keep in touch to share some resources in terms of conferences that are appropriate and online workshops. Some are pretty good. Others I'm not sure about. Would be good to swap info on them.

  10. Good for you for following your instincts. Things aren't always as they appear, and wasting time on something that's not working is just that, wasted time. I am taking away, "Be adventurous and take chances." While it generally sounds like me, today I need that extra encouragement. Thanks.

    1. We all need that sort of encouragement from time to time. My adventurous nature sometimes gets me in trouble yet I can't stop taking chances. Thanks Rhonda!

  11. I absolutely thing it takes bravery to say when something is not adding to the direction we want to take. Kudos to you for recognizing that. Wishing you all the best on your path, especially now that it's less cluttered.

    1. Thanks Tia. Freedom from clutter is quite liberating!


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