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Blogging, Writing and Resting

(Untitled: Colored pencils on Paper by Stephanie Rose Bird)

Whew! That was a busy post I did previously called Getting the Word Out There. I wrote it as a member of IWSG for our monthly blog hop. Thanks so much to so many new people for stopping by during that event, joining this blog as members and adding me to your circles on Google+. I have been humbled by all of the new connections I've made with fellow bloggers, readers, writers, artists and people generally this past year. I am a private and quiet person. Coming out of my den and connecting with the world once again has been an inspiration.

As I was busy blog hopping last Wednesday and Thursday as a part of the support group experience, I stumbled upon a post by a fellow member Gwen Gardner called Giving it Another Try. One of the most compelling parts of her post for me was that she posed the question to us, is blogging dead?

As an artist specializing in painting, I've heard that topic discussed numerous times over the years in regards to painting. Thinking of that experience I also created a guest blog post on Blogging Authors called Is Herbalism Dead. Let's face it, I'm no longer a spring chicken so a lot of what I had grown to love is going out of favor...but surprise, it comes back--take maxi dresses and platform shoes as an example.

(Untitled: Colored Pencil on Paper by Stephanie Rose Bird)

When I started this post, I mentioned how I had retreated into my den. During that time I had little exposure to the blogs of others. I painted, wrote, reflected, and crafted with herbs, coming out to give presentations only now and then. It wasn't until this year that I really became involved with the blogging community. The 2014 Blogging from A to Z April Challenge had over 2000 bloggers sign up and participate. The IWSG currently has close to 300 bloggers engaged. If these numbers are any indication of whether or not blogging is dying out I'd say it'll be around for quite a while.

Gwen makes some really important points in her post however that brought me back to the post I wrote on the same day. The point is, at the heart of what we're doing, we are creative people. Some, like myself, are creative in several different artistic disciplines, complicating things further. I'm not sure how to describe blogging's place in my life. Sometimes I consider it a pastime, hobby, pleasure or way to purge much like journaling. It is not perfect and isn't fixed, making it pleasurable, exciting and interesting for readers and bloggers alike.

Getting back to the previous post. In some ways it was about going down way too many rabbit holes. It makes me start thinking about Alice in Wonderland. How does one get back on the right path after wondering into previously unknown, little understood worlds?

(Untitled: Colored Pencil on Paper by Stephanie Rose Bird)

Bloggers, many of which are also writers, face many challenges. One of the most significant is the question of where to place the most energy. Speaking of which, I've been heavily plugged in, unplugged entirely for a few weeks, and this week I've gone into hyper drive.

I know its not healthy to go too far in any one direction. I've done what was for me the hardest task, I looked in on my books. Saw their reviews, ratings, rankings, and my presentation of them to the world. I've updated, promoted, reached out and am pooped!

Tired...exhausted really but here I am back at blogging. I still can't really define blogging and its place in my life but for me it's here to stay. It's enjoyable and quite fun. Still, it's the weekend--thank the Goddess! I'm going to clear off my desk and busy thoughts to get some much needed rest.


  1. I've heard many trad-pubbed authors say never to blog. That it's a complete waste of time publicity-wise. Yet I also saw them say just about every other type of promotion is a waste of time if you're traditionally published, since little you can do will make a dent in the numbers. Then they say do whatever you that's what I'm doing. I didn't find booksignings and school events made all that much of a difference...but it was all part of getting the word out in the fewest ways I could. Who knows what works...but if we're having fun and supporting other authors, who cares?

    1. Stephanie, interesting. I'm a traditional published author and I hadn't heard that. I do blog because I love it. It has also connected me to other bloggers who just so happen to also be writers. I can't see how that could do anything but be helpful. Working in isolation, just writing and then having books published seems to miss the point on sharing works-in-progress, supporting one another's work, guest posts, featuring different authors etc. all of this and more can be done through blogs.

  2. My experience is different from Kristin's. I started blogging because I heard if you wanted to be traditionally published you should. Agents, editors, and countless authors pointed to blogging as the best way to build a platform. So that's why I started.

    I don't think blogging is a waste of time. I've met so many fabulous people, bloggers, and writers that makes it all worth while. And I don't think it'll go out of style any time soon. I love blogging! As do a lot of other people. I have a couple more years of ideas planned for my blog, so I'm not going anywhere. :D

    1. Chrys, you are a blogging dynamo. I can't believe the intensity and thorough quality of your posts. I appreciate how instructive and generous you are to fellow writers. Most of all, I can't believe how organized you are. Unbelievable that you're already working on A to Z challenge 2015! Amazing.

  3. I believe blogging as an art form will never die, as long as the Internet does not die, but blogging to sell books? It just doesn't have enough staying power to continue for those who blog for marketing reasons. I think having balance with it and everything else in life, actually, is the hardest part!

    1. I agree with you Karen. Balance is key. In terms of selling books, who the heck really knows how to do that? It's mysterious to me.

  4. What beautiful pencil/paintings Stephanie! I'm divided on the blogging question ... I enjoy it as a wonderful way to connect with others. It is time consuming but worthwhile on many levels. O I could write much about this ..! I enjoyed yr previous post as well.. thank you.

    1. Thanks so much Susan for your compliments! Glad you stopped by and that you enjoyed my drawings and the previous post as well


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