Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Beltane Blessings

(Beltane Maypole Dance: Image from the Wayward Wiccan Blog)

Some of you might remember dancing around the Maypole on May 1st. I remember doing that but am not certain of which life this happened in. This is a part of a long-standing tradition, traced back to Greco-Roman times, called by some, Beltane.  I am very fond of this Sabbat because of its focus on fertility.  Beltane marks the moment in the year when Mother Earth opens herself to the fertility god.  This interlude, marking time on the Wheel of the Year, leads to healthy livestock, good crops, renewal and regeneration.  Let’s not mince words here though; Beltane is full of sexual energy.  Many a mating ritual takes place during this holiday, leading to future generations of merrymakers.

I am a spring sort of person.  I love the pastel colors and you can see that in my use of pastels in my drawings and mixed media work.  We are fortunate to have some 80 degree days this week, right around Beltane.  I plan to mark the holiday in a personal Earth Veneration Ritual in my garden and then to attend one of our bigger festivals marking this important point in our year on the weekend.
Will you be celebrating May Day/Beltane this year? If so, then how?

I found some good links for helpful ideas:


  1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I miss the May celebrations here and I miss may blossom. Obviously, I never brought a sprig of it into the house (perish the thought) but I have learned it's lucky to lay on a newborn baby's cradle. Just take the cradle outside first!

  2. Spring is here, for sure! That is one of the best things about spring--all the great festivals and, of course, the pretty pastel colors we all get to wear!

    1. Yes, indeed it finally is! Woo hoo! I see the fruit trees blooming finally.

  3. I love Beltane, we got married on Beltane, although definitely wanted to avoid the fertility side... it's now 10 years later and we're planning to celebrate with camping back in the same spot with a nice big fire :)

    Mars xx
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