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Piggy and the Bowl

I have been away from blogging for several weeks now.  I’ve been on that winding and demanding path of working and looking for a new job and it kept me away from this wonderful space. Sometimes with my energy level and creativity it is all or nothing.  All output in one direction or the flow dries up.  I was so happy on Beltane yesterday and felt my creativity blossoming once again. Beltane brings us fertility and fertility can be in so many aspects of our lives and come in so many different forms rather than just biologically. At this stage in my life I experience fertile ideas for making art and plans for the future.  Beltane is a beautiful and logical follow-up to Seed Moon because it continues to speak of preparations and planning for a distant harvest. While it seems as though I have not been producing art, to me anyway, I have used my creativity to create new projects for my students.  I have been busy over the last few weeks with paper mache.  I have made a very sturdy, tall, fruit bowl and a piggy bank as demonstrations of what can be done from a simple balloon armature, newspaper and handmade paste. I know piggy banks are supposed to be for children but I plan to use mine.  He is a very expressive character. It’s amazing to see the level of energy paper mache raises in children.  The children in my classes who are using it have gone buck wild. An art therapist I know says certain materials can make children go out of control and I believe paper mache can be one of them in the right mix of kids.  This has not been a good thing because as the teacher I am simply exhausted after reach 45 minute class.  Making pounds and pounds of the goop they need as paste, carrying it to school and then watching them proceed into chaos is wearing me down little by little.  Another teacher came in and helped out by turning off the lights and that calmed down the students for a while but then even with two of us in the room they started up again….exhausting! Now I am just ready to work on piggy and the bowl at home.  Even though it sends an electrical charge through the classroom for me paper mache is relaxing and soothing in the studio.


  1. Nice to have you back, Stephanie. i always look forward to visiting your blog, partly because you teach me something, and partly because i know i'll find beautiful art here. Interesting story about the paper mache... funny how 'explosive' it can get in the classroom and meditative for you in the studio. :-) Beautiful work here... xoxo

  2. Yes, the dichotomy between studio and classroom is striking! Thanks for the compliment & I'm glad to be back.


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