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Seed Moon

I’ve been enjoying a little quiet time and am now going into full play mode.  The weather has been fantastic for a few weeks and it has taken my mind away from writing and blogging and more into the natural world.  I have been working nonstop on my oil pastel abstractions, which feels good.  I moved back into my studio and hung them up.  It was so good to see them all on one wall, hanging up together. I have been observing the sun at sunset—we’ve had a few huge and spectacular ones recently and last night I was reflecting on the moon.  This month’s full moon is Seed Moon and she looks promising.  Seed Moon reminds us to take stock of our dreams and desires and plan for the near future.  Obviously, it is also a reminder that it is time to plant physical seeds for herbs and plants for the summer and fall seasons.  I like to set this time aside also to plant metaphorical and metaphysical seeds. So, I have been putting things in place for summer, for example, trying to find a job to replace the one I have that ends in June.  The job market is outrageously tight and I don’t even see many jobs that interest me. I am interested in either writing jobs, mostly that I can do as a telecommuter and I’m also seeking consultancies in teaching. Either type of job would be interesting and fulfilling, if only I could get some responses from employers. I’m trying everything from Linkedin to twitter to joining various employers’ groups to get daily updates on what is going on.  Very frustrating not to hear anything back from the numerous applications I’ve put out into the world.  Rather than getting too frustrated though, I am aligning myself with the sun and moon energies and realize it is only time for planting seeds not time for them to be harvested. This piece is call Spring Equinox and it is made in honor of the goddess Ostara.


  1. Oh Stephanie... our lives sound very similar right now (re: job hunting). It can get frustrating, but i loved your way of looking at the uncertainty... "I am aligning myself with the sun and moon energies and realize it is only time for planting seeds not time for them to be harvested". This is brilliant. I loved reading those words & somehow - they reassured me. :-) Your pastel work is beautiful. Art has a way of soothing, doesn't it? xoxo

  2. Oh...job hunting...what an adventure!! I'm so glad you got something positive out of my blog post. Are you on Linkedin? Thanks for the compliment about my pastels. Art is definitely soothing. I love it!!


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