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Full Snow Moon

Last night Full Snow Moon was outstanding.  I couldn’t quite believe my eyes.  She was luminous, and there is no other way to say it—huge! The yellowish cast was glowing.  I didn’t want my drive to end because I wanted to stay outside with her and just stare, and yes, I was slightly afraid I’d run into something.  That name prominent in some Native American groups and in the Farmer’s Almanac seems slightly out of place though this month—Full Snow Moon.  We have been in a phase I call Perpetual Almost Spring. In the Chicago we have set many records for warmest winter months and lack of snow in comparison to what we usually get.  We have had so little snow and it has been very warm by Chicago standards.  I listened several times to climatologists speak on NPR and PBS about why this phenomena has come to be but it still scares me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not crying over warm weather but there is a since of dread for the future that does arise when something so unnatural persists. I am from the East Coast and lived in a wetland that flooded a lot.  There were times when we took a row boat to get to waterless portions of the road, to get to the school bus and we lost our yard numerous times to floods.  I have heard a lot about how the warmer temperatures we are experiencing could lead to the rising of sea levels worldwide and this could have such a huge negative impact on all coastal areas.  Then too, there is the polar situation and our beloved polar bear’s entire way of life is threatened as well as that of many other creatures and life forms. Our world is changing rapidly and in so many ways that it is dizzying.  This image I am posting today is a colored pencil drawing done with Prismacolors and it is a reflection on nature and on change.


  1. Hi Stephanie,

    I have finally made it to your blog and don't want to leave. Such a respite from so much of the harshness of the sInternet.Your paintings and drawings are alive, compelling, stimulating and os often comforting so are your messages and to that I would add balanced and thoughtful.
    Thank YOU!

  2. Marie, is this you? Thanks so much for stopping by and I so hope you will visit this virtual studio whenever you need that respite!

  3. Stephanie, your artwork and words are always so refreshing. I always zoom in to look at it closely & I could stare for hours.
    THanks for sharing yourself with the world....xoxo

  4. Your colored pencil art is stunning - thanks for sharing the story behind it!

  5. Thanks so much for stopping by Pauline and Carolyn from Creative Every Day and checking out my drawing. It's fun working on that series. Devil's Lake and the surrounding environs are fascinating geographically. Lots of inspiration to artists.


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