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Does your writing ever take you to unpredictable and eventually dark places? My novel that I keep taking out and putting away, certainly does. It deals with heavy issues like child abuse, incest, domestic violence and emotional abuse.

These are topics that should come out and be in the light and indeed; these days increasingly, they are, through case after case. Those that suffer from any form of abuse, can find themselves being triggered and for that I apologize as an author. The story of Yolanda, however, like that of other teens, needs to be told.

With a survival story there are bright moments. As you read, Yolanda is maneuvering out of abuse and the violence she witnesses, in an effort to find the light. This is similar to the journey of some survivors. Still, as I hold Yolanda's hand and go on this journey with her as her #novelist, I can't help but have a heavy heart.

                                         photo by Roberto-Gomez-Angel from Upsplash

I notice that despite #ownvoices #weneeddiversebooks, etc., and the movement to be more inclusive in publishing, many #agents seem to be passing on this book just from the premise, as described in the synopsis or first pages, it seems. If so, shame on you!

Now #agents are the writer's conduit through which we get published. We respect you for that but it doesn't mean we can't question you or feel bad about how you operate. But enough of that, back to the meat of this post.

#Writers and #Novelists of the past and present, who go in deep, to reveal the gritty nature of life, I applaud and celebrate you. You fill my creative well, as I put pen to paper and write. I am spending a year (more) on "Pine Barren Blues"through #NIAY (novel in a year) Speculative Fiction with @JacJemc @storystudio.  Perhaps after that, I'll go directly to niche #publishers or investigate self-publishing. One way or another, Yolanda's story (which reflects the story of so many survivors) will be told, even if I have to step over the squeamish to do so.

                                                       photo by Kevar Whilby on Upsplash


  1. So true about agents, etc avoiding some topics. I was surprised my writing involves gritty topics. I initially wanted to write sunshine and light. My big taboo that I write involves race. I am white but I live where the majority is black. So a lot of my characters are black. And you know they are just regular folks.

    1. Oh yes! Mine too, I forgot the impact that choice could be having. Well, good for you!


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