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Sharing Good News

I've been away from this blog for a little while because I've been busy working on "Out of the Blue" my second novel. I made a commitment to finish this book in a year by joining a workshop called Novel in a Year. In it, we are expected to write between 30 and 45 pages a month. Needless to say, with all the blogging I did for the A to Z challenge during April, I fell short of that goal.

I did have a breakthrough though around Mother's Day when I unplugged and took a retreat in Michigan, which I blogged about here.

So what news do I have, you may be wondering? Well, after a year of trying, finally I have found a publisher for my debut novel, "No Barren Life." I never thought I'd see this day, to tell you the truth. I am really happy about it.

I have heard some mixed reviews about this publisher. It is John Hunt Publishing, out of England. At first I was opposed to publishing with them. They are called a vanity/subsidy publisher on some websites. I decided to be open-minded and to read everything I could about them and their imprints. I eventually found that they do offer traditional contracts for some of their authors. I am so thrilled that I am one of those authors.

It goes to show that perseverance pays off. There were many times I felt like giving up entirely on this book and just investing my energy in the second book. At first I tried really hard to find an agent or publisher then after a while I just about gave up I only tried every now and then.

This book deal also demonstrates that you have to do your research and to read everything and I do mean everything you can about a publisher before you make a decision.

My imprint is for "No Barren Life" is one for YA novels and it is called Lodestone Books. This book should come out at the end of 2014 or beginning of 2015. I will keep you posted as things develop.


  1. Congratulations Stephanie! I look forward to reading your novel. Wish you all the best.

    1. Thanks Vinodini! I can hardly contain myself.

  2. I'm with Vinodini! Looking forward to it! I'm so glad that you were able to gather information but reserve judgement about the publisher before digging deeper. SO important... in this "say it when you think it" world we have to dig deep to get beyond the complaints of others and into the real truth of a thing. So, congratulations on many points here! On perservering! On patience! AND on a PUBLISHER!!! Hey... three Ps! Hmmmm.... :)

  3. Thanks for the three P's Donna! You are right, sometimes decisions require a great deal of information not just skimming off the top.

  4. Congratulations! And good luck with everything. This is an exciting time!

  5. Yes, it really is Karen. Thank you!

  6. FANTASTIC Stephanie!!! Good news indeed! Well done on all the prelim work before deciding ... it just shows and leaves me inspired re my WIP!
    Happy Day! Keep smiling!

    1. Thanks a lot Susan! Are you posting about your WIP? I'm curious about what you're writing about.

  7. FANTASTIC news Stephanie! Thanks for sharing this news! Keep on smiling! It's inspiring to me to know that hard prep work pays off ...

  8. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you! :D I wish you the best of luck and much success.

  9. Hearty congrats, Stephanie Bird! Your perseverance is inspiring. :o) I LOVE JHP. They rock. I'm so, so happy I'm with them now. They're publishing my next two Tarot books! :o)

    1. Thanks Janet! I had no idea so many people that I know and respect were with JHP (like you) but it makes sense. John Hunt is very adventurous in the mind/body/spirit, alternative spirituality publishing scene.


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